Six tips of persuasion that could simply turn the cards in your favor

Sometimes it comes easy but at other times, it gets difficult for us to influence others and persuade them. To be persuasive, it is important that people must like you and you have to be likable for that. It all gets possible only if you make the other person feel important, valuing them and approving of their ideas.

Learn to accept

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You must look directly into the eyes of the person with a smile if you want to show acceptance to them. This makes the person feel important and valuable. This sole feeling tends to raise the self-esteem of the person making them value themselves even more. Getting a response like this makes the person want to support you and your idea.

Learn to appreciate



“Thank you,” is a simple phrase but it has the power to encourage the person to repeat the same behavior again. You can thank the other person for helping you, correcting you, giving you the correct details and even making a comment. When you thank the person, they feel likable, appreciated and valuable. Who really does not want to get that feeling?   Appreciating the efforts of the other person, makes them favor you and make contributions that are more valuable.

Learn to admire

Learn to admire

When you want to persuade the other person, start with admiring them or compliment something that belongs to them. It could be one of the possessions at that moment, their attire or the piece of information that they are enlightening you with. You should acknowledge the fact that there is a huge difference between admiring and flattering. Make a genuine compliment since people usually know what they possess that deserves a compliment, don’t they? One interesting part of the fact if that you can admire the person by nodding your head or by a look also.

Learn to approve

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Approval by you can boosts up the self-esteem of the other person. By giving an approval to the other person, you make them feel better about themselves. Don’t make it sound vague by generalizing the idea. Keep it specific and immediate. Give an approval by mentioning the particular idea that you liked. Your approval for them makes them like you more and they start supporting your point.

Learn to pay attention

Learn to pay attention

Listen to the other person carefully without interrupting as if they are really giving you an extraordinary advice on something. Look straight into the eyes but make sure it is not a stare. Approve by nodding your head or showing agreement in your eyes. It makes the other person feels happy and positive about you. This positivity works in your favor to get an approval from them as well.

Learn to agree


No, it is not at all showing the fake side to your personality to them. The way you communicate with the person decides whether you agree or disagree with them. You can surely clarify your doubts but do it in a way that it does not hurt or sounds confrontational to the other person. Saying, “If someone has this opinion, what would you say?” is much better than saying, “I totally disagree with you”, or “I have an opinion”.

Persuading someone is simply about getting yourself in good books of others by your authentic compliments and valuing them as a person. Each one of us seeks social agreement and appreciation; people can’t help appreciating if someone is all ears to them.

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