How to deal with anger problems

A single angry moment can cause disaster in your life and can turn your life upside down. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for you to know how to deal with your anger problem.

Divert your mind

When you feel that your anger is about to cut loose simply divert your mind to something else. Think of a completely different topic that does not have any connection with the thought or discussion that is making you angry. Talk to yourself and remind yourself of other things that would calm you down. Often thinking of something funny in such a situation helps a lot. If you are prone to losing your temper, you can surround yourself with things that are funny and a look at which would bring a smile on your lips. You can use funny wallpaper in your computer or mobile phone, paste a funny photo or quotation somewhere in the room or in front of your workstation, carry an amusing or funny key-chain, etc. These would take your mind off of the thing or topic that is building anger in you and help you deal with the situation and your anger in an appropriate way.

Tell your mind to keep anger on hold

When you realize that your temper is rising and getting out of your control, talk to yourself and tell your mind to postpone the anger for some other time. This is a way of taming your own mind and making it think and react the way you want it to. When you tell your mind that you will think about the anger causing event or topic later and would give it sufficient time, your mind will automatically relax and your anger will be controlled naturally. For that, however, you need to be honest and true to yourself and give some time later on to the anger causing topic as promised to yourself. If you don’t do so, next time you ask your mind to keep the anger on hold, your mind will not listen to you. So, reserve a time of the day, preferably at night, where you can think of all things that made you angry on that particular day.

Take time to think before you speak or act in anger

Give time to yourself and think before you speak or act while you are angry. A single wrong word or a wrong gesture, or attitude can make matters worse and might ruin the situation beyond repair. You would certainly not want to hurt anyone by uttering wrong or hurtful words during anger and regret later for the damage caused in the relationship because of it. Instead, learn and practice to speak and act in an assertive manner. That would help you to express yourself clearly without letting anger cause any kind of harm or damage. Also, when you are angry remember that screaming at someone or cursing a situation will not reverse time or undo what has already happened. So, instead of wasting energy on screaming and shouting divert your energies to make needed changes or rectifications to the situation.

Try to find positivity in negative situations

Try to find out the hidden opportunity and positivity in any situation that can trigger anger in you. Instead of thinking about the situation as it is, try to take a fresh look at it and find out something good about the situation. Try to make the best use of every situation and direct your energy and thought to finding the positivity in it. For instance, if your friend is late to arrive or you are stuck in traffic jam, take this as an opportunity to spend time in doing things that you are not being able to give time to. Use this time to read an article, check your mails or just listening to a song. This way you will not only turn every situation in your favor but will also be able to keep anger away from you.

Leave the place or the discussion

When all else fails, the only way to deal with an anger problem is to leave the place or discussion that is making you angry. This is the last but a very effective way to deal with anger. When some particular person, topic or discussion is making you angry or has already ascended your anger, discontinue the discussion and leave the place immediately before you react out of anger. Discontinuing the discussion during that time would give you time to think over the matter and continue the discussion later on with more preparation. Thus, this would help you deal with your anger and the topic causing anger in a more suitable way.

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