How to deal with arrogance

It is not unnatural to feel hurt and angry when subjected to prejudice. But before the arrogant people, with their bossiness and irrational thinking, get to your nerves, it is important to find ways of handling them. To help you out, here are some suggestions.

Handle the arrogant person effectively

Dealing with arrogant people is never easy. Sensitive people, especially, find the experience quiet humiliating. Hence, in dealing with arrogant people there are two basic points that need to be understood and subsequently implemented. To begin with, you should try and asses the internal attitude of the person in question. Next, it is your responsibility to track the external actions triggered by his or her innate behavior. There are countless people who believe that it is their personal shortcomings which prompt other people to behave arrogantly with them. If you have been facing similar tribulations, our advice is- try and let go of such feelings. In a majority of the cases, the arrogant person is too immature to realize their arrogance and the fact that it may be affecting others. Hence, the moment you learn not to take the irrational behavior seriously, handling arrogant people becomes a tad easier. However, situations differ from one circumstance to the other. And, you should take practical steps depending on the kind of hurdles you are facing.

Understand the true worth of arrogance

Arrogance is nothing but irrational behavior exhibited by people who enjoy some power over others. Hence, when it comes to dealing with arrogance, ignoring the person’s behavior is the best possible solution you can have. However, by ignoring we are not asking you to refrain from facing the person altogether. Rather you should learn to ignore their attitudes and bossiness. When the person finally understands your unspoken refusal to acknowledge their position of superiority, they will automatically start feeling threatened by you. By doing so, you are not only helping yourself but the person in question as well. In the long run, he or she is bound to realize their folly. It should be remembered that this strategy is applicable only to arrogant people you have the choice to reason with, such as people within the family, colleagues or neighbors. But, the attitude does not hold much ground in so far as it concerns dealing with superiors at work. Although, the principle definitely helps you understand that even these people crave to have your attention.

Do never feel inferior

In dealing with arrogant people, the first important strategy is to remain unnerved and unperturbed by the behavior. You should never let the arrogance affect you in any way whatsoever. It is common human nature to feel helpless against irrational treatment by arrogant people. However, do not fool yourself into believing that the behavior was prompted by some weakness on your part. Such baseless thinking will only make you suffer mentally. By failing to understand and analyze the situation, we automatically limit our horizons in so far as it concerns facing such problems. Arrogant behavior does not necessarily stem from wealth, power or position. There are countless people in positions of authority who never misbehave with anyone irrespective of the person’s status. However, it is most generally people occupying a position undeservingly who behave rudely, as a cover up for their lack of knowledge. Hence, once you start realizing that their behavior is nothing but an attempt to impress you, the inferiority complex vanishes automatically.

Act smartly while dealing arrogant people in positions of authority

Each one of us has faced arrogant behavior at some point or the other. There are hundreds of people around for whom arrogance is a way of life. Even political leaders may exhibit such insensitive behavior at times. It goes without saying that opposing such people vested with discretionary powers may have disastrous consequences. They will not think twice before using their power to harm you. A majority of us simply do not have the time to analyze the underlying causes of arrogance. However, you can still get such persons subdued indirectly in a number of ways. Writing anonymous letters to their immediate superiors is a case in point. While the chances of the person reading your letter cannot be guaranteed with 100% conviction, yet repetitive complaints will certainly trigger some action from the authorities concerned. Additionally, you may also consider writing letters to media houses describing the arrogant behavior of a public person. It needs to be borne in mind that tolerance encourages arrogant behavior, which surprisingly vanishes in the face of strong derision or opposition.

Raise awareness about the implications of being arrogant

According to certain experts, arrogance often stems from the societal or culture background of a person. For instance, societies with greater degrees of liberty are certainly more opposed to arrogance than societies where people enjoy restricted freedom. Hence, raising awareness about the insensitivity of arrogant behavior becomes absolutely necessary as and when it seems proper. However, it does not necessarily mean that you don the hat of a preacher for the purpose. But you can continue to spread some consciousness about the foolishness of being arrogant at schools, work or even home. This helps you gain more confidence to face such behavior and also prompt others to follow your example.

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