Business Valuation Training

Business Valuation Training by Dr Prem

Understanding Business Valuation

Do you have a business plan but no idea how much it is worth? Are you worried about how to value your business? If your answer to these questions is yes and if you have no idea on what the venture capitalists look for in a business model, you need to understand the concept of business valuation. It is necessary for business professionals to be familiar with the fundamentals of valuing a business and have a good understanding of the relative strengths of different valuation methodologies.

The five most common ways to value a business are asset valuation, earnings valuation, future maintainable earnings valuation, relative valuation (comparable company & comparable transactions), and discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation.

DCF is the base of the majority of all valuations. However, DCF analysis is often badly applied in practice. Appropriate training can help the participants to focus on applying a DCF in a real world case study. It introduces business professionals to an introductory or intermediate level of valuation experience.

Training in business valuation

Aimed at practitioners and accountants with an introductory or intermediate level of valuation experience, training in business valuation can also be taken up by professionals like heads of companies; financial directors; financial analysts & economists interested in their company value, assessment & increase; investment & commercial bank representatives involved in the company value assessment etc.

Training courses help one understand valuation fundamentals, including the applications of professional standards, exposure to effective industry & economic research, identifying as well as calculating normalizing adjustment, a review of underlying principles in calculating the cost of capital, and how to calculate discounts. Training courses might also introduce the participants to the latest case law developments and updates to fundamental techniques, and will assist them in improving report writing techniques. Some of the objectives of business valuation training are to practice to compute a real company market value, to acquire skills of creating discounted cash flow computer models, to study how to apply iteration method for WACC calculation, to understand as well as analyze assessment reports, prepared by analysts etc.

Why attend Dr Prem’s business valuation workshop?

Dr Prem’s training in business valuation will give you an ability to define and apply the fundamentals of valuing a business. It will offer you a practical experience in the preparation of a DCF valuation of a business and give in-depth knowledge of the relative strengths of the different valuation methodologies and when/ how to apply them. Dr Prem would also discuss on the vital skills to assist with tax restructures and understanding of valuations in accordance with best practice to improve outcomes. This course would also make one able to undertake valuations in line with accounting standards.


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