Change Management Training

Change Management Training by Dr Prem

Most of us would agree that change does happen all the time. It is said that change is the only thing that is constant, nothing else is. So why do most major change initiatives take so long and why is there so much resistance to the change in any organization? With a better understanding of change, transition and some new leadership tools, one can be successful in managing organizational change, which is the need of today’s ever changing times.

By accepting change, one would be able to define his own personal attitudes to change, develop personal coping strategies for managing change, analyze the attitude to change of those involved in a change process and develop a range of skills to successfully help manage change in an organization.

Why training is required for change management?

Though change sometimes can be difficult to accept, which in most of the cases is, some amount of training in change management can help people cope with change, even if it is an enforced change. By understanding how and to what extent one is affected by change and the natural way one deals with it, we can be able to help people build up a coping strategy that will help them to adapt to ever changing environment.

Training in change management provides a process for understanding change & transition and what people should know about and do with regards to that process to be more successful with a major organizational or personal change.

Through appropriate guidance, you can become a better change leader by helping your team handle change in a positive way; and lead your team through the change process and transition with less resistance. You can become aware of change management leadership skills you would like to emulate either by observing a good change leader or by attending a lecture by people who have successfully adopted change in their organizations for the benefit of all working with them as well as success of an organization.

Why Dr Prem?

Dr Prem’s consultancy in various management related topics spans a wide range of national and global clients in diverse industries. His enthusiasm in change management comes from a keen interest in human behavior, and the challenges faced by businesses today. His passion for leading teams throughout the change process in an organization and record of developing highly successful strategies for change management in various organizations has made him a most sought after trainer for change management workshops.

Some of the topics discussed at his workshop on change management include requirements for effective change, key steps to managing change, why people embrace or resist change, defining the change, the change curve, implementing the change, managing people affected by change, reaction to change, celebrating success, anchor points, overcoming resistance to change etc.


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