Interview Skills Training & Workshop

Interview skills training workshop

Types of interviews

An interview is an opportunity to discuss your qualifications, assess your ability & skills and demonstrate your personality. An important thing that one needs to remember while giving an interview is that you are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you. Thus, for a successful interview, it is important that you convey a positive attitude and enthusiasm.

Interview can have one of several formats like one-on-one interview – a single person interviews you, panel interview – a group interviews you, group interview – you are interviewed simultaneously with several other candidates or a telephonic Interview. There might also be videoconference interview in some cases. For better performance in an interview you need to understand these formats of interview and get some tips from the experts to excel in it. Appropriate training on various aspects of interview will help you in confidently facing the interviewer by demonstrating right attitude.

Why training is required?

Common interview mistakes that many of us commit are lack of preparation, inappropriate appearance, failure to ask questions, poor attitude, exaggerating or being deceitful, poor non-verbal communication and over or under answering questions.

One needs to overcome committing above mistakes. This can be done only after understanding what needs to be done before going for an interview. There are several tips that training programs offer to the participants, which help them to face any kind of interview with right approach and confidence.

Some of tips are – for a successful interview you should convey a positive attitude and keep eye contact with the interviewer. Also, one must pay attention to physical appearance and should study well about the company before going for an interview. Having good understanding about company’s business, vision etc helps a lot to confidently put forward your views on where you can contribute towards the success of the company. Having extra resumes on hand and references ready if not attached to resume helps too. These are few tips that go a long way in helping you prepare for your big day.

Why get trained from Dr Prem?

Dr Prem runs a successful healthcare solution firm and consultancy business along with several other initiatives in varied industrial segments. He is also on board of directors of several companies, which are today the leading brands in business. Being well travelled, he also understands key expectations that companies across the world have from the candidates. This knowledge and his own expertise & experience in interviewing several candidates in his career make him an ideal trainer for interview skills. Dr Prem’s workshops are well researched and prepare the participants for all kinds of interviews and pre as well as post interview preparations.


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