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Top 5 retirement destinations to check out in 2013

Spending one’s retired years abroad has become very popular with seniors who don’t want to depend on their kids in their later years. Here are the top 5 destinations that will be the ones to look out for in 2013.

1. Australia

According to the Country Brand Index, Australia is the best place to live in the world. Cities like Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth allow seniors to pay low Asian costs for life in a first-world country. famously friendly, Australian culture is known for its love of nature, sports and socializing which makes it an ideal retirement destination for people looking to spend their golden years in an English speaking country.


2. Austria

If you love mountains and the outdoors and don’t mind the cold, Austria could be an elegant retirement destination for you. The culture rich country has the highest quality of life anywhere on the planet and the country’s world-class private clinics are famed through the globe. The only downside to the place is that you’d need to have basic knowledge of German to enjoy the country fully.


3. Thailand

Seniors who want to retire abroad but don’t have the kind of pension that would help them buy a villa in Tuscany can always find plenty of sunshine and a simpler, close to nature life in Thailand. With good private hospitals offering reasonable healthcare costs, the country is one of the best in Asia for seniors on modest incomes.


4. Italy

Good food, excellent culture, plenty of sunshine and a neighbors that love to drop by for a chat, Italy provides retirees with all of these benefits along with one of the best health care systems in the world. Places like Sorrento, Sicily and Puglia also make great bargain shopping destinations that will satisfy seniors without robbing them of a chunk of their fixed income.


5. Panama

One of the safest cities in Central American, Panama has a lot of retirement homes that provide retirees with all the care, comfort and entertainment they need. The dollar economy, thriving rainforests, quality private hospitals first-world amenities massive discounts for seniors, low taxes and year-round sun make the country ideal for people looking to enjoy their retirement without worries.


  • Pritam Kumar

    The visit was useful. Content was really very informative.

  • VenkatChari

    A good article. Five choices with simple description of available facilities.

  • Thailand is indeed a good place to retire, with the prestine beach, good food and friendly people, and an economy that is slowly stabilizing many foreigners are definitely going to enjoy their retirement in thailand , its no doubt Thailand is one of the top option to spend the retirement days.

    although there’s a little not so good thing because it takes a lot of effort to spend the retirement days in thailand, there’s the expiration date, the reporting every 90 days, i mean, they already retired, so more probably they would want to spend their days pampering themselves, travelling every nook and crock of thailand, trying all sorts of food and activities, so i guess this re-entry or the visa expiration thing is something that would bring them some uneasyness specially if they have forgotten their appointments.

    well that’s just my observation

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