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EcoTourism Guide Book

Top 10 eco tourism destinations in Americas


Though ecotourism may be visualized as confined to remote regions of the world where native life and virgin landscapes dominate, the Americas have a lot to offer in terms of ecotourism, which constitutes a major chunk of its eco-tourism industry. Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, and Peru are some of the most important Latin American ecotourism destinations that have gained ...

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Top 10 eco tourism destinations for new experience in Europe


Ecotourism is fast gaining pace in the environmentally deprived world today. The objective of eco-compatible excursions is to make the tourist aware of the importance of ecological conservation and other related issues. The tourists are taken to places that are relatively undisturbed by human intervention in comparison to the regular holiday destinations. The top 10 eco-travel destinations of the world ...

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Top 10 Asian travel destinations every eco tourist would love to visit


Asia, with its climatic diversity and abundant greenery and water systems, is home to a large range of flora and fauna in its ecosystems. This makes some of the Asian countries, especially the Southeast Asian countries, remarkable eco-tourism destinations. Laos, Malaysia and Philippines are some of the locations that are internationally recognized as highly acclaimed eco-tourism hubs. Well-organized guided ecotourism ...

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Myths and realities of eco tourism

Are you interested in eco-tourism? Have you heard lots about this comparatively newer form of tourism but want to know the true facts? Well, this article is exclusively for you. Here are some common myths of eco-tourism and the actual facts behind them. Go through them: Myths of Eco Tourism You might have heard a lot about eco-tourism. But is ...

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Knowing the do’s and don’ts of eco tourism


If you love to explore spectacular natural beauty, eco tourism can be the best option for you. But it is highly important to know the right way to travel around. There are certain common and simple rules which you need to know prior to packing your bag and leaving your place. Go through the following list of ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ ...

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Why ecotourism is that important?


Throughout human history, travelers have made their way to some of the most beautiful locales in the world and their tales recounting the natural wonders of these places have gone down in legends. In the 20th century however, as travelling became more accessible to the general public, these delicate and exotic destinations have become endangered as locals have begun milking ...

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Understanding the term Ecotourism and its principles

Galapagos Islands

Ecotourism has become something of a buzzword with international travelers in the last four decades. Even the jetsetters are open to trying to be as uninvasive in tourism spots with delicate ecosystems which actually help these ecotourism spots create a healthy tourism economy without destroying nature’s bounty in their region. What does the term “ecotourism” mean? The term “ecotourism” itself ...

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Tips to make your travel as green as possible

be green concept

Traveling green is not easy. But it isn’t necessarily impossible either. If you follow a few basic rules, you can ensure that your travels are green and as eco-friendly as possible. Pack cloth handkerchiefs One of the biggest contributors to trash in popular tourist destinations is paper towels, wet wipes and face tissues. If you are traveling to a hot ...

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How ecotourism is different from sustainable tourism


Ecotourism is a popular new concept within international traveler communities who seek out exotic locales that are famed for their unique ecological beauty. Sustainable tourism is also a buzz word that has popped up on the travel scene of late though many people confuse the two terms often. We explore the differences between ecotourism and sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism covers ...

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