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Diabetes Diet: Setting Up a Healthy Eating Plan That Works For You

When it comes to a diabetic diet, many individuals are of the notion that the diet would simply involve forgoing ...

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Capsicum Can be a Wonder Food Item for Your Diet Plan

Tried almost every other fad and diet plan out there to reduce weight? Well, here’s some news for you. Chances ...

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No carb diet can help you stay in shape

No carbohydrate diet suggests total elimination of carbs, replacing them with fats and proteins as the primary source of energy.A ...

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Are your brave enough to chug Cockroach Milk?

The news about the cockroach milk myth seems to be trending a lot everywhere. It may sound quite annoying, but ...

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Eating more fat to have perfectly shaped body 

Low fat ketogenic diet seems to be a good solution for your obesity problem. Since obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular ...

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Understanding and fixing the problems with your diet plan

If you have been dieting with all your willpower and still failing to get your mojo to work, you might ...

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Your diet during pregnancy can have lasting effects on the child’s health

Many genomic studies have failed to describe how some diseases are being inherited from the womb. Diseases like type 2 ...

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Utilizing a ketogenic diet for relief in epilepsy

Those who suffer from epilepsy must include ketogenic diet in their lives. This diet is one of the oldest and ...

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Add sattu to your diet for several health benefits

Sattu has been a nutritious food from time immemorial. Including sattu in your everyday life proves to provide tremendous energy ...

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Lose those extra pounds with the healthy diet way

One of the things that most of us do to get rid of that excess weight is going on a ...

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Terrific diet plans that have their roots in solid science

One thing that most of us have in our minds is to have a healthy and fit body. We go ...

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Quinoa can offer you a boatload of health benefits

If looking for a healthy nutritious diet rich in protein, gluten free and easy to digest, include quinoa in your ...

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