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Unless we move beyond what’s behind us, we cannot reach out to what lies in front of us.

A Quote by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Time moves on, and places too never stay the same. The thing that stays with us are memories. Sometimes these memories are inspirational and conducive to our personal growth. But most of the time, we only tend to remember which us hurtful and embarrassing. This proves detrimental in eroding our self-worth and in hindering our mental and spiritual evolution. However, the thing that most of us fail to remember is that the event itself has long passed away. You were a different person when it happened then you are now, and unless you let it go completely you would never be able to completely focus on things that are in front of you, and that requires your undivided attention.

Quotes; Unless we move beyond what’s behind us, we cannot reach out to what lies in front of us.– Quote by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Unless we move beyond what's behind us

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