Winning is not everything but effort to win is!

Winning is not everything but effort to win is!

Be satisfied with nothing but to win.

Everyone wants to win in life. But it is not in the capacity of everyone. There are numerous qualities that are required to make winning a habit. When winning becomes a HABIT then even if H is removed A BIT remains, if A is removed then also BIT remains and lastly if B is removed IT remains.

Winning is talent but to repeat takes character.

Why does everyone every time think of winning? It is because the battle should be won if there is something to win. If there is nothing to win that battle should never be fought. A person should always try to win everyone’s heart in family as well as work place. But winning everyone’s heart should not be the only motto in life. It should also have competitive spirit in it.

Ink it don’t just think it!! That’s the quality winners possess.

It requires a winning attitude to win and for that attitude one should cultivate certain habits. They are:

    1. 1.     Passion: Without passion and the dying desire to make it anyhow is the attitude of a winner. All energies should be diverted in that direction.
    2. 2.     Belief: It is the belief in self that makes things happens. For one aspect to win this one attitude is enough to give a tough competition to everyone
    3. 3.     Strategies: One should plan and then make strategies to win. These are the winning attitudes which should be practiced.
    4. 4.     Values: One should never give up the moral values which one should company. It is the nature of the individual that a person should be full of values and morality.
    5. 5.     Positive Energy: Winning is about seeing light in dark future. Then only positive energy can come into picture and winning can take place. So one should make it sure that all the energies flow in one direction and hence there is proper flow of positive energy in positive and constructive direction.6.     Communication: Healthy communication invites profits and individuals can bank on it. One should always encourage positive as well as open communication. It makes situation lights and simpler to handle.

Success should be the only thought in ones’ mind and then winning can become a habit. Everything should be in correct manner and in the best interest of others.

We have always learnt that our mind is like a garden if there are seeds of positive energy then there would be plants of positivity as well. If there are seeds of cactus then there would be thorns in the garden. So one should always make efforts so as the garden looks attractive!

If there is positivity in mind then there can be positivity everywhere. Winning is being positive.

Winners talk about things they want. They think of happiness, prosperity, health and goals.

Winning does not demand anything winning itself is a demand which few can satisfy. So act as if it is impossible to fail and it will be.

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