Don’t be a winner to stand alone.

Is winning equivalent to happiness?

People today aim to achieve a successful career, stable money and fame. But be it the corporate industry or the entertainment world, does the million dollar a year give you a peaceful life? Happiness can have various definitions. But for all, it summarizes to peace, which is absent in the world of race and competition. Instead just being winner, one should learn to work in a team to yield goof results and happiness.


Why become a Team Leader or Team Achiever?

Instead of running to beat others, why don’t you just try to walk together? A healthy competition is always good for ones prosperity. But there lies a sublime happiness in achieving success together. You would not only become happier by having more friends and healthy relations, you also lessen the number of your enemies.


What is required to become a Team Leader or Team Achiever?

Not everyone can be a team leader. It requires patience, friendliness, good communication skills, positive attitude and an innate quality of being a leader. You must be confident of yourself. Take pride in your victories and responsibility of your losses. One has to constantly work towards enhancing the bond amongst the team members and be ready to solve any kind of problems.

What do you lose as a winner?

The success of winning is temporary as once you win, your targets rise and you run to achieve something bigger. In this process you miss out on the small things in a quality life. It leads to stress and strain and finally a lonely life.

So become a Team Achiever and cheer for your team mates rather than be a winner and stand alone. You will find yourself leading a much more confident and happy life.

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