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Winners Have Dreams Not Schemes

Winners Have Dreams Not Schemes

Winners Have Dreams Not Schemes

When asked to a winner, “How do you define winning?” he promptly replied and said “Winning is an attitude.” This is strictly to those individuals who want to win in their lives and not like those who want to be losers.

The best way to find out whether the person is a loser or a winner is the way he approaches to everything around him. The surroundings, the environment, family, friends, co – workers etc. that is the guiding factor to know the attitude which he is wearing every day.

If you want to win just think that you are already a winner. If you think in that manner then the whole lot will fall in place automatically. That is how we differentiate between a winning attitude and a losing one.

When you want to win do not pity self in any situation. There are many possibilities when you need to face terrible hardships and that is the time you need to fight. Fighting till the end is the focus that a winner possesses. Not everyone has that talent to fight the battle till the end. It is a time consuming process.

Winners are winners because they had worked hard to achieve it. Their hardships should be an inspiration to the individuals who aspire to befall like them. Winning in short can be said as the approach of the individuals. It is all about how to perceive the world and how you tackle the worst situations.

Winners see the gain, Losers see the pain

When you want to win just remember one thing that you need to challenge yourself in every situation. The more challenging the situation is, the sweeter the fruits of success will be. Be a fighter and learn from every mistake which was intentionally or unintentionally committed in the past.

If you can love god whom you cannot see then why not yourself? Learn to love self and accept the way you are. You cannot change the world but by your efforts you can make world a better place to dwell in.

Life is a journey and a journey which is tough and full of hardships. You cannot give up, you need to fight and fight till the end. Be ready for any circumstances and if you are ready for that the circumstances would be in your favor always.

If someone tells you differentiate between loser and winner then the prompt reply that you can probably give is that if the person is attempting in life then he is a winner and if the not even attempts then he is a pure example of a loser.

Losers are the individuals who live in the past and winners are the one who learns from their past, works in present for a better future. This attitude should be worn everyday along with the outfits which you wear.

Winning and self appreciation goes hand in hand. If you want to win then learn to appreciate yourself and if you are appreciating yourself then you can surely win. When you try to win make it sure that the competition is healthy and the motive is to learn and not simply to win.

Running behind success just for the sake to achieve it won’t do any benefit. Goals should be set and should be such that they can be achieved. Do not set goals which you cannot achieve because it can lead to depression if things do not turn out well.

Learn one thing and constantly hammer one thought in your mind that you are here to win. You are here to fulfill your dreams so learn and learn to understand and appreciate yourself, only then you can embrace success with open arms.

Be happy with what you have and thus you can be self content as well as will always be in desire to learn and learn.

Don’t get afraid. Let you become the controller of your life. If you fall do not think you are failing, fall but get up and be ready to face challenges in life. That is the attitude winners possess.

Winning and winning attitude will not help you to win. It is all about hardships and if those hardships are constant then only you can win. You have to face the hardships and learn from them that you are not here to give up so get up and fight. Do not surrender in any situation. That is the winning attitude. Day in day out you have to think about one thing and that is none other than Winning.

But winning should not be at cost of anything. Remember you should win on the basis of hardships which you underwent and not on the falsehood that was present in the transition period. That success would be temporary and can be lost soon.

How do you define winners? Winners are those individuals who are standing for something. Its only they are standing for something they can win or lose. That is the quality of the winner. Once you have decided to win then start appreciating yourself. Winners always do that. Appreciate yourself and the world will appreciate you.

This is the way winners define themselves and win in every situation. They just have one type of energy working in their mind and that energy is positive energy. They simply do not understand what failure is and they don’t want to understand the same. Keep it rolling, let thing happen, because things happen for a reason and each incident is here to teach us even more, more than what we could have learned without it. Make dreams and see dreams, imagine dreams the power positivity will drive you towards them. That’s the who reason why a dreamer cannot have schemes, he can only have dreams. This is because he is guided by his emotions and aspirations, some of which may work while some don’t. Dreamers take things as they come. They play it by the ear not by the brain.

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