How to deal with little brothers

Younger brothers can make life difficult and often make you feel on the edge of desperation or despondency or both together. But here are ways that will help you to deal with your super energetic sibling effectively and with great results.

Stay calm and behave well

More often than not, you are his role model so by treating him the way you want him to treat you, you make it clear from the very beginning that you are his true sibling and support for life. Treat him with kind words, encouraging remarks, and a smile. He will soon reciprocate the same towards you. Moreover, by being nice towards him you are gaining a support at home as well. When he tends to upset you too much, act calm and ask him to leave. Do not get distraught as getting angry with him or shouting at him will make him tearful and will likely make him run off to your parents and complain. You will end up being yelled at by your parents and then give in to his wish too where nobody feels happy. All he wants is some attention from you. If you keep him in your good books, he will feel elated and eager to maintain the friendliness further.

Spend routine time with him to keep him off your hair

Some small boys tend too be too energetic and active when they are little. In this case, you can find to spend about 15-30 minutes everyday with him in some activity that he enjoys doing around like playing, cycling, or reading. This will stop him from bugging you and whining around you all day. Make it clear that you will play with him provided he allows you to have some time for yourself after that. In case he comes whining again later tell him that you will discontinue playing with him in future if he does not respect your space further.

Be honest not mean

Meanness among siblings cause rivalry that even as adults you might find hard to tackle. It is always preferable to be open about your feelings and tell him clearly what you feel without trying to yell or howl or being mean and abusive. If you’re really upset over his behavior, just walk away and tell him that you don’t want to be mean so you are getting away from him. This will evoke positive feelings even in your younger brother. He will accept your honesty and also mend his ways to keep the relation more friendly.

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