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Self Respect is fruit of discipline.

Self Respect is fruit of discipline.

For some people the most important feeling is their self respect. There is nothing beyond self respect for them. When you love yourself that means that you love your self – respect as well. Self Respect is a valuable ornament which everyone desires to wear. Self respect is the pride which you posses and it should not be mixed with attitude and arrogance.

Self respect brings many other qualities like honesty, self-confidence and integrity. They are the friends of self respect. If you invite self respect then these qualities will also come along. Self respect does not mean that you keep on thinking and doing for other individuals only. It also means that you can think of yourself first and then think of others, but think of others. This feeling of being selfless is a matter of dignity and first step towards self respect. It is highly complex feeling and that feeling is often misunderstood with many others like terms. It is very important to draw the line of difference and to understand that life is far beyond money and fame.

When you keep thinking about others and not about yourself then you will start losing your own identity and forget gaining you will lose what you possess. Self respect demands think of all which includes self. If you deserve respect then you have to demand respect. That is the underlying factor of self respect.

To get in deep let us understand self respect with the help of an example. If a girl is complimented for her looks by the society then the appreciation which she receives is her self- respect. The moment she acquires attitude for her looks that is the time self respect is lost and attitude comes in.

Often self respect and self esteem is termed together. These terms are nothing but how do you think about yourself and that is the whole concept of self respect and self esteem. Both respect and esteem makes people think about others first and then about self. But the underlying factor is also that it highlights the term self. You should not think of others only. You should think of yourself also. When you start caring and thinking about others beyond a limit at that time instead of increasing self respect it will start getting reduced. So always draw the line of control. That is why the word is “self” which means me first and then the rest.

Self respect is like mirror which shows the good as well the bad part of individual. And people should accept themselves the way they are. This is the dignity of self respect. You know about yourself and you respect the way you are and that is how self respect can be earned and cultivated. Self respect is not perfection because nobody in this world is perfect. Everyone has good and bad qualities but to accept the way one is that is called as Self Respect.

When you think of self respect it means that you are considering the positive side of self. It is being realistic and nothing is illusion.  Love can be achieved with self respect and that is why many philosophers and experts give so much importance to self respect.

The quality which a self respectable person is being silent! Silence is the tool from which they can get respect and that is how we can gain self respect. With self respect we can accomplish almost everything. Making friends is also a quality of person which has self respect. That is how we can differentiate between good and bad.

Self respectful person is a lovable person and that everyone wants their company. They are always loaded with information and they are helpful people. But self respect should be cultivated with time as is cannot come all of a sudden. When you respect yourself then only society will respect you and that is how you can earn self respect.

The best part of self respect which everyone fails to understand is that self respect demands understanding oneself completely and that is how respect can be gained. Self respect is a form of discipline.

The best part of self respect is that it can be developed with time. For example there is person called Mr. John. He hesitates to speak in front of public and his stage fear is too much. So when he consulted a doctor the doctor gave him some exercises which should be performed on daily basis. These include talking in front of the mirror, speaking in front of the family members and thus his respect was back. Next time when John was in public he did not feel awkward to speak in front of public. This is how self respect was used.

Be yourself and be the way you are that is guiding factor of Self Respect. Be respectful and give respect to all the human beings in the world as everyone is subjected to dignity.

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