When It Is Love Just Give Never Expect!

Love is when you take away the feelings, the passion, and the romance and still find out that the care is still present.

Love is about intimacy, attraction, communion, surrender, passion and ecstasy. These are the six principles of love and the most important among all of them is surrender. When a person surrenders self to the loved ones then there is no demand and supply in the relation. It is completely surrendering ones ego and letting love dominate everything. The essence of life is love. Love is no expectation relation.  Surrender and non attachment are two feelings which open the doors of miracles. And these miracles are beyond the realm of I, We and Mine!

As William Shakespeare rightly said “Love All, Trust few and do wrong to none”.  This world is all about love and nothing else. But what is love? It is the most difficult question to the mankind and also highly subjective. It is an emotion which is strongly attached and an affection where there is only and only caring. Love is so deep that it gives a complete meaning to complexity and versatility in human emotions.  Love is the inner power that is needed for an individual to grow and mature.

Human beings and all the living creatures on planet earth require love, so that life can run smoothly. But the fact is also that love is too simple and also too complex. All the complexities start when expectations come into picture.

Love creates Expectations! That is universal truth. If you love someone then the very next feeling is expectation. When the expectations are not full filled it leads to disappointment. Often the word Expectation is combined with Mood Swings. But that is not true. It is expectation that can sometimes shatter a relationship.

“It takes three to make love. You, your spouse and finally God! Without Love there can be central Loyalty”

There is love in all the relationships which includes mother and child, siblings, lovers as well as friends. But the very moment expectations are attached the purity is lost. It then becomes a selfish feeling which on other hand should be selfless.

Expectations are demands and these demands should be subsided when there is love. Love should be far beyond expectations and physical connection. It is should be full of kindness and compassion. Love is unconditional.

While not expecting anything one should also make is sure that the person is not undervalued or mistreated. Expecting is like a trap in love once trapped cannot be escaped.

Expectations kill love and it is universal truth. Love is about giving space and let the individual be as he/she is not to change anyone. This is called is Spiritual Love.

Love is union of soul to soul and body to body. But love is also not about getting physical and thinking about sex all the time. Not many individuals know the meaning of love. Nowadays the youth has changed the definition of love which has taken the form of physical closeness only. Love is the deepest feeling because the way some parts of brain is complex similarly some aspects of love is also untouched.

Intimacy is the final stage of love where there is love which flows in and out of the individuals. This is known as Ecstasy.

Love is a key to powerful living. Love is like ripple which goes on widening day by day. But it should be free from expectations and there is scattering of pure love in all directions. Love is inevitable and no one can escape it. Even the relation of mother child has pure love in it so god has not spared anyone.

It is god’s most precious feeling that god has inherited to living beings. Love should be treasured and should be free from expectations.

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