Understanding different ways to keep the party crashers out

Party crashers are unwanted and often unknown guests who slip in, freeload and slip out. They can be a menace-creating ruckus in worst cases and normally upset your plans by leading to situations of insufficient food or drinks. Getting rid of them is equally tedious and we bring you some suggestions for getting rid of party crashers without causing much disruption.

Think about the Approach

If you can accommodate the crashers and they seem to be pleasant, you might want to let them stay even if they are not acquainted with anyone. If you are not comfortable to have them around them then you must think about how you want to approach them and ask them to leave without creating too much disturbance to the moods of other guests.

Stay Calm

Aggression may only aggravate the situation so stay calm while communicating with the party crashers. Walk up to them and first introduce yourself as the host/hostess. Do not approach them singly, have a male friend accompany you who will stay calm and collected throughout the interaction.

Understand the Crasher First

Note the party crasher’s demeanor; see if they are intoxicated, calm or aggressive. Their body language and their behavior will be an indicator of how you can deal with them.

Where did they hear about the party?

You can start the conversation by asking them if they are accompanying someone in the party or were invited by one of the guests or simply happened to walk in. There are rare instances when the crasher might have simply walked into the wrong venue. If their reasons seem genuine enough you may be able to decide whether to allow them to stay. If you know where they heard about the party from you may also get an idea of whether to expect more unwanted guests.

What Next

Approach the unwanted guests while projecting a positive body language that tells them you are calm but capable of handling aggression. Let them understand you are not attempting to start a fight. If they appear intoxicated or aggressive, approach them in a sizeable group and have someone be prepared to call the police if required.

Inform them that the party is by invitation only and that you would like them to leave. Throughout your interaction, be polite but firm. You can expect a little resistance as party crashers are usually looking for a good time and in many instances troubles.

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