Tips to deal with your emotions in crisis

Emotions can be unpredictable and uncontrollable especially in times of crisis. When a person is high strung emotionally, they usually make illogical decisions, which they regret once they cool down. The emotional constraints we experience bring us closer to family, friends and people who have undergone similar experiences.

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Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is known to release stress and help clear the mind. It forces you to be patient and act rationally. So, if a situation gets too intense or spirals out of control, stop and take a few deep breaths rather than acting on impulse. When you concentrate on inhaling and exhaling, you get the time to introspect and analyze the gravity of the situation.

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Understand the Conflict

Sit back, relax and try to understand what the real conflict is. Try not to over-analyze the situation through wild guesses and ideas that you are not confident about. Always be impartial and understand where your well-intentioned actions were misinterpreted. Your honesty with regard to your erroneous judgment, misconception and assumptions will help you judge best.

Share your feelings

Share Your Feelings with Persons You Trust

Discussing the situation with someone trustworthy always helps. Sometimes, merely talking about it will make you feel better and look at the whole situation from a different perspective. You may or may not want their advice, maybe you only want a listening ear or you need some sound advice. However, be sensitive to the other person’s feelings, they may be busy with their own lives. Also, ensure that the person can be trusted to keep the conversation confidential if there is a need for privacy.


Distractions are Good

Maybe you can apologize, or be more cautious in future, in the end you have to learn to move on. You can do so by distracting yourself with activities that will be comforting, maybe you can go out dancing with friends, or join some hobby classes; watch some favorite movies on television, among other things.


Seek Closure

Think about the situation, if you were the victim, express your feelings calmly and if you were responsible for hurting someone, be honest in your apology and take responsibility for your actions. It is always helpful to resolve issues openly, rather than bottle up feelings and building passive aggression.

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