Stupid topics people in a relationship argue about

Two people fall in love with each other, start spending some time together and find each other to be nearly perfect. Both either get married or simply move in together to find that they both just aren’t a perfect couple. Although, nobody is perfect and none of the couple is a so-called perfect couple, but this is how human nature is. One only gets to learn about himself and his partner once they get to spend enough time together. Slowly, arguing and sometimes that never-ending bickering start between couples, originating from really stupid and smallest issues. Here are some of the most stupid topics that majority of the couples argue about:

Music playing in a car/home

“My partner is so sweet; he loves me so much that he thoroughly enjoys the songs I like.” “My girl is the sweetest, she happens to love every single track I play in the car.” Type of feelings one expresses during the initial days of a relationship. However, as the time passes, both the partners start expressing their true liking or disliking for music. While traveling in a car, or listening to music at home, at least once a couple or either of the partners expresses dissatisfaction. Sometimes the argument goes so strong that it becomes a serious fight.

Ordering a menu item that both like

This silly looking argument gets so serious for some couples that literally they start disliking the visiting a restaurant and ordering food. You cannot always order a dish that you and your partner equally like, so better stay away from falling into this argument with your partner.

The laundry argument

This is one silly argument that becomes a dangerous fight, and majority of the couples can relate to this. When it comes to laundry, one partner is a perfectionist while the other is just an average launderer. The perfectionist seems to know when to mix hot and cold water, which clothes to hand wash, how to fold clothes leaving no creases, etc. On the other hand, the average launderer simply knows how to get clothes clean out of a washing machine. Sometimes big blunders take place when he mixes dark clothes with light and white clothes. And you can well imagine what sort of kerfuffle such a stupid argument can make.

Whose turn is it to change a dirty diaper?

If you have babies then you will certainly relate to the particular argument that takes place between majorities of couples. A wife changed a diaper once and the husband changed it the other time. At times one of the partners forget who changed it the last time that gives rise to a silly yet serious argument. Starting from a dirty diaper, the argument starts threatening the very foundation of one’s relationship and what not.

The imaginary line that divides a bed

Believe you me, some couples wake up in the middle of a night and argue on this. The imaginary line divides a bed giving equal bed space to a couple. When all the cuddling and lovemaking is over, all of a sudden some couples get serious about their space on either side of the bed. No matter how well a partner is sleeping, another partner wakes him/her up for settling the issue of the encroachment of the imaginary line. People, get a life, stay away from such silly and annoying arguments, and try to maintain peace.

Why did you like her picture on Facebook?

Facebook is not to blame but some couples are. Out of lack of trust and jealousy, some couples enter into some serious arguments just because their partner happened to like a girl or a boy’s picture they do not like. I mean really!


Owing to individual differences, different couples have different reasons to argue on. However, there are some common silly reasons that most of the couples argue and fight on.

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