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Six life changing facts that can help your deal with your painful past

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It is difficult to move on in life when you have painful memories of your past to pull you backwards. The harder you try to move on from them the stronger they get a hold on you. You feel guilty every time you laugh and wish you had a different past. It is impossible to change it, but you can surely change the way you look at things. It makes you feel liberating and gives you the luxury to live in the present:

Analyze how harmful theses thoughts are

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If you look at things from a different point of view, you can get to know that you are free to make your own choices. You can choose to be happy and that happiness can stay forever in your life. Thoughts of your painful past affect your happiness, relations, aspirations, desires and life as a whole. If you think hard, you would see that life is an open road if you get rid of your past.

It’s just the way you look at it

You past is nothing but painful feelings and sorrows that do not let you move on in life. Change the way you look at it and you would see that you have so much to learn from your past. Do not let these thoughts and emotions affect you anymore. Look ahead in life and never look back again. Life is like that, time once goes never comes back. Do not keep it alive in your memories.

“You” are not your past

You can never let your past define you. What’s gone is gone for good. Do not visit the dark old lane of memories since you have a long way to go. Live in the moment and open your eyes to the possibilities of life. If you try, you can utilize the painful memories to make yourself stronger to face adversities of life. Look around you no one has a perfect life. You would not want to highlight your past when you share your story with your grandkids years later.

Accept the truth

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Do not run away from your past, but learn to embrace it. You cannot deny the truth when it is right there in front of you. Acceptance gives you freedom to make a choice. Accept and move on in life. Each one has his/her own struggle in life and it is not necessary to share it with everyone. It takes a big heart to accept who you are and move with your head held high.

Share your pain

Share your pain

It may be hardest things you have ever done in your life but when you share your pain, you find it easy to relate with it. It is true that you cannot afford to speak your heart out to almost anyone. Open your heart to a true friend or loved ones who can understand you and say, “it’s ok.” It would make you feel relaxed as if some burden has got off your chest. No wonder, if you start seeing the world in a positive light after that.

Employ the past to turn you into a better person

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Do not let your painful past turn you into a bitter person since you know how painful it gets with time. You surly would not want to hurt anyone or give him/her a reason to be sad. Keep the painful memories of your past deep down inside you and use them to bring out the “beautiful self.”

Could you really be your true self if you took out your past no matter how painful the memories are? No, you really can’t be, since your past has changed you for good or bad. If you look at your life, you would see that past is just a small but important part of you.

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