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Self -Doubt will Block your Creativity, Do Away with It

Self Doubt

Creativity is the predecessor to Success

In present day world where there exists cut-throat competition in almost all sectors and industries, it is impossible to shine above the rest without taking a plunge on the springboard of creativity which propels one higher than others. Creativity allows an individual to pave new paths to success or shorten the time required to reach there. Creativity is an individual’s potential to achieve growth by taming the tides in one’s favor using one’s own unique methods. Indeed the risk involved in trodding down a new path. Despite the risks involved one must back his or her abilities and strength to overcome any challenge that may present itself on the route to one’s success. The ability to believe in oneself and not bog down to the challenges is the quality found in most successful people. The ability to take a firm stand for one’s own self is an indication of a confident individual. On the contrary a reluctant individual or a person who does not believe in his or her own abilities is often found serving their talent for others and cribbing about the missed opportunities in their lifetime in the later stages of time. Sometimes even the most talented individuals fail to muster up the courage to take the crucial first step.

First step is the most difficult step

People like to follow the examples of successful people to achieve what the people sitting at the pinnacles of success have achieved. To achieve the motivation needed to take the first step in that direction it is necessary to understand the essence of their success i.e. the self-belief that they had to take that first step. Taking the first step often means taking the initiative or making a decision and adhering to it religiously. First step is acknowledged as the first impression in the competitive arena. As the popular saying goes, “First Impression is the Last Impression.” Hence, the first step must be taken with full confidence and self-belief and not just the desire to attract attention. It is believed that ‘first step taken is half the work done,’ which indeed is true the hesitation before entering a battle fray or somebody’s first stage performance is the biggest barrier one has to overcome. Very few people muster up the courage to take the plunge as the fear and risk elements can never be eliminated but again, “Risk is just another name of life.” If a person succumbs to the initial hitch the chances of success are negated even further than anticipated. First step nervousness and self-doubt can lead to a disaster in the coming times where the individual finds him/her amidst the competitive arena filled with confident people who dominate the proceedings in most cases.

Not always the first time

Woman climbing on a mountain wall

There exists a give-up limit in every individual and after the turmoil gets beyond this line an individual gives up the task or activity that was an ambition to be completed instead of trying to find a new route to the target. People give up sports after injuries thinking they are just not good for the game, instead to trying to creatively crafting a new skill set to keep themselves amongst the best in the business.

One Great example of this never give up and pave your way through strategy is none other than the Cricketing Genius of Sachin Tendulkar himself. The dreaded tennis elbow nearly put an end to Sachin’s career, but the little master did not give up his undying love for the game and changed his technique in totality to overcome the shortcomings his tennis elbow had rendered him with. Then, the rest is history. The world knows about the master-class stuff he has delivered for the national cricket team and innumerous honours he has brought to himself and the game. Self-doubting the ability of oneself can lead to the weaknesses of the same being exposed to the competitors and rivals who can find innumerous ways to exploit the said weakness to their own benefits. A hitch does not go unnoticed in the world that seems to be so small in the present day kudos to the technological revolution.

Believe in yourself and the world shall bow down at your feet.’


This trait is the most commonly found trait in all successful people. The belief in one’s own-self is the most important attribute that acts as magnet to other supplements needed to be successful. An appropriate example for the same can be presented by taking a commercial point of view. Investors are needed in any business for the business to blossom and expand. The first thing an investor inspects is the confidence exhibited by the person proposing an investment offer to him/her. Inability to believe in one’s own self renders the individual rooted to the spot and thus limiting the growth prospects and adding to the grudges which torment the heart and soul in later stages of life. Hence, if you wish to avoid a life filled with “if this and that had happened?” in the future, act now and start believing in yourself and start creatively maneuvering your way through the challenges that are presented to you by the miracle called life.

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