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Personality Development Guide – Why personality matters?

Personality Development Guide - Why personality matters?

Personality forms the most significant and perceptible part of a person’s life. It is a reflection of one’s own thoughts and emotions. Personality slowly begins to define persons by their frame of mind and their state of appearance, for example, if a person is joyful or gloomy, lively or listless, optimistic or pessimistic and so on.

While personality is a descriptive term, it can be used in different situations and for different purposes. The term personality can be used

  • To describe the effect or influence of a person on another person;

E.g. A pleasant personality


  • To define the nature of persons and their responses to the outer world;

E.g. A sociable personality


  • To judge a person on the basis of past experiences;

E.g. A honest person

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Personality in real life

We often observe behavioral diversity in a group of people. For simplicity, we may attribute the characteristics and attitudes to their backgrounds, their intellectual level and their nature as a whole. Some people are talkative while some prefer being quiet. Some people may be good in public speaking while some are excellent writers.

When a person prefers to do a particular task in a particular manner it is the driving force from within that dominates this decision. This driving force is the person’s real self and can be identified as the personality of a person.

We note a similar situation at the workplace. Some leaders are aggressive and want things to be done on their terms, whereas some are open to others ideas and believe in deciding mutually. Some team members are calm, easy going and are able to take feedback from superiors as a part of the learning process, but some can be over sensitive and may take the feedback negatively and feel depressed about it.

In all these cases, we are in reality talking about the person’s personality.



Personality matters

Personality of a person in simple terms is what people perceive a person as. There are various dimensions on which personality can affect an individual and influence their public image. Having a personality that suits a person’s work and life is important to ensure success. Creating a positive impression is essential at workplace, at home and in public.

As personality is linked to a person’s behavior and attitude it has direct impact on success and relationships as well. Relations at all levels are important for a person; be it managers trying to handle their subordinates or a wife struggling to make her family happy.


Professional success

Professional success by and large depends on the personality of a person. Apart from the job knowledge, professional relations are influenced by a person’s appearance, confidence, attitude, communication skills, body language many such soft factors. All these factors are a part of a person’s personality and thus can have a great impact on one’s achievements and career.

Professional success

For personal growth in career, a personality with a positive attitude, outgoing nature helps a person to face the workplace uncertainties and insecurities and deal with it in a positive way. Better communication skills help one to use appropriate communication styles in a given situation.

Moreover, personality also affects the way a person thinks, acts, reacts and gets affected in crisis situations. Certain personalities are more prone to taking stress while some are able to deal with it with less agony. Personality of a person can affect the professional growth, as some types of behavior or stress taking approach may not be appreciated and one may have to lose on particular roles and responsibilities.

Thus, we can conclude that personality can not only affect person’s health, relations and life but also help in defining the professional development and success path. Personality of a person is a very crucial aspect of a person’s life. Personality does matter to all of us.


As a famous quote says,

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits

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