Power of thinking – it makes us alive.

Thinking alone can keep the man alive and keeps to continue his life. If the thinking stops the man is dead almost. He thinks by seeing and studying and learns again by thinking. It’s a continuous process. This accumulates the knowledge in him. And if this formulation of thoughts goes wrong the result is a bad thought which yields bad result and vice-versa. In this regard it is very essential to give prominence to only positive thinking and keep check on negative thoughts.

As we are the first receivers of the consequences of our thoughts we should be vigilant enough to look at our thoughts from a critical point of view. To avoid ourselves getting fixed in embarrassing situations we need this touch stone method of checking our thoughts and analyzing them critically, as they shape our personality. For the healthy thoughts to be generated the atmosphere we live in also contribute a lot.

As we live and die inside the society our thoughts are also shapes by the outside atmosphere. But it is our cautious effort to be clear and pure in mind in order to get good thoughts. Thus always think well; be good and be bold and do good to get good.

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