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How to deal with a narcissist

deal with narcissistic people

Learning to deal with narcissistic people is like dealing with a whole new different species of humans. Are you being emotionally drained and abused by a narcissist parent, sibling, partner, or boss? Here are a few ways to learn how to deal with narcissistic people. Avoid them Yes, avoid them. Most narcissists are incapable of seeing things the way you do best. So, if you ever happen to disagree with them, you will simply fail to exist for them. This is one of the main problems that people (around narcissists) try to solve, not knowing that avoiding the narcissist is the best possible way to get around it. Not commenting when they put forth their ideas or thoughts, or simply ignoring them politely works just as well. Get as far away from them as you can! Hardcore narcissists are always unbearable to be dealt with. Sometimes it’s wiser that you just walk away.

Don’t try to help them Don’t try to help them. Seriously, don’t! They are beyond any form of help and are better than that. If you try to help them, they will simply think that it is you who requires help and not them. The very characteristic of narcissists renders it almost unfeasible to change them into something better. The case is the same even with an expert therapist. If you happen to try to change them yourself, it will all be a futile attempt as they will, in turn, manipulate you and make it look like it’s your fault and not theirs. In the end, trying to change or help them will ultimately lead to receiving a blow to your own self respect and integrity. One must know that though such people are inherently self-centered, they are not necessarily selfish. They are self absorbed and lost in thoughts concerning themselves mostly. They cannot think outside of themselves. They have their own perspective when viewing things or circumstances and they cannot put themselves in the shoes of the people around them.

Never feel guilty It is of utmost importance to know that you must not suffer from a guilt complex, owing to the way you happen to deal with a narcissist. To learn how to handle narcissistic people, you need to realize first that they will, more than often, blame you or others for not doing things the right way. Always remember that their ideas and views are just for themselves. They will not recognize any other reason, excuse or explanation as to why you are not able to meet their expectations. In other words, they want to make you feel bad, consciously or unconsciously, for what you have failed to do for them. To counter such a situation, simply ignore all opinions that they put forward. You should always decide for yourself if you have done something properly or not.

Know yourself Know yourself and have confidence on your abilities, so that others will see you in the same light. One should know for a fact that narcissists will not ever waste time complimenting you and your work. If it so happens that you are working under a boss who is a complete narcissist, then it is imperative that you be confident and feel secure in your own capabilities and skills so as not to be undermined by your boss. The same holds true for an older sibling, a friend, parent or partner. If you are confident about who you are, then you must let nobody talk you down and insult your skills in any way. You must also learn to keep your calm and cool around a narcissist and not let them get to you. If you lose control even for a brief moment, then you are letting them get the best of you.

Try therapy If it so happens that you are in a position where you are being abused too much by a narcissistic person, be it emotionally or physically, it might be best to talk about your problems with a therapist. A professional therapist will probably have encountered the same problem many times before and can help you out with good and sound advice. It’s important to know that narcissists are the ones with a problem (not you), so don’t give in to what they want. Do not feel ashamed to seek help as there are plenty of people in the same plight as you. What you need to do is buck up and face narcissists and handle them as professionally as possible.

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