How to deal with a car salesman

Several people enjoy the process of dealing with a car salesman. When it is about a car, adopt the attitude that you can walk away anytime if you can’t get what you want. This skill gives you the upper hand over all dealers, no matter how sneaky and knowledgeable they may be. Read on to know how can you deal with a car salesman.

First of all ask the salesperson for the invoice (proof of purchase)

Once you have selected the car you want to purchase, the dealer takes you to his office to fix the deal. Ask him to show the bill of the car as it is an important document. This will tell you each and every information regarding the vehicle like its production date, cost, etc. As they are doing a business, they will definitely make a profit but you can minimize their profit and lower the overall cost of the car, if you are having all the information regarding the vehicle. Ask him for discount if available, as it is a consumer’s right.

Don’t fix the deal in a hurry

When you are going to purchase a vehicle it is important to remember that it is the seller’s job to sell you something. Dealers are skilled to freak you out by making a sense of hurry. They will tell you things like, ‘This is the best deal, you will not get it later’, ‘Many customers are there who want to buy this vehicle’ and ‘It is the best model in comparison to other cars’. They actually lie. The fact is, if a human being thinks that he/she is not able to get the thing he/she wants, someone else would get it. This is the reason he/she is more interested in signing the papers in a hurry. Don’t behave like you are very much excited to buy a car, sometimes this leads to a bad deal. Don’t show expressions like you are happy with what he is telling to you, may be due to such expressions the salesperson will not provide you the required information.

Don’t believe anything they say

Always keep in mind that they are doing their duty. They are not your buddies and are not bothered about you, your family and your beliefs.They will try to influence you. They will ask you questions to get information which they use against you. Remember it is their duty to sell you a vehicle. Don’t believe them especially when they walk out to talk to their manager. What’s actually going on is, they are talking to their manager, who is taking the profit in a way that makes you feel that it’s the best deal and you are getting the profit. Make the dealer go again and again to the finance person for lowering the cost. When you think that they will not lower the cost anymore, move out. They will run after you and tell you that they convinced their manager and the manager agreed to lower the cost.

Be nice

Your behavior and nature is also an important aspect while making a deal. People enjoy having a conversation and dealing with others who are well-mannered and respectful. If you come with a rude attitude you won’t get a good deal. If you are elegant and handle them with respect, they will definitely return the advantage. Your good nature will make the salesperson comfortable with you and he will give you the maximum information regarding the vehicle. Communicate with them as if they are your friends. This will help you in getting the best deal.

Don’t go alone to buy a vehicle

Don’t go alone for buying a vehicle. If you are married, then take your wife with you and if you are single, then take your friends or even a family member with you. People are more helpless and under pressure when they are alone and the salesman can easily influence the person to buy a particular vehicle. So having others with you can reduce the chances of taking a decision in a hurry. This will also help you to ensure that the salesman is straightforward. People with you can also help you in buying a nice car of your desire.

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