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Guide to Make Your Relationship More Meaningful

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Your close relationships give you the strength to carry on and make you feel alive. Some people take a lifetime to figure out whether they are in the right relationship or not. However, those who put in their efforts to make their relationship right are the people who grow old with their partners. They make beautiful memories together and their love seems everlasting for years to come. We all wish to have such love in our life but forget the fact that it eventually depends upon us.

The Impact of Hook up Generation on Relationships

Today’s generation is called the hookup generation because the majority of youngsters like to have friends with benefits and find it a burden and boring to be in love with a single partner for a long time. Hook up culture is the lost art of dating, and it consists of casual dates, one-night stands, and random sexual relationships. Hook-up culture mainly started in America among adolescents in colleges, but today one can see this trend in almost all the countries.

This trend has left no space for love in the hearts of many youngsters or in some, it does exist but nothing like the olden times when people were loyal, caring, and honest. Many instances of fearless lovers in history reveal that some even sacrificed their lives for each other. Love has various meanings. Ancient Greeks defined love in four forms, family love, friendship, romance, and self-love. Love is a bond that keeps family, lovers, friends united. However, the majority of the generation today does not share the same interests and believes in hook-up relationships. Let us look at some side effects of hook up culture on our generation and us.

1. Commitment issues

There are no commitments made in such a relationship. You are free to enter and exit here. It is like having open doors for you to walk in and walk out. You are not bound for anything. This may sound great but mostly leaves us in a depressing state of mind. Mostly, over a period one person in a relationship becomes attached (emotionally and physically) too. You will now start demanding commitment and promises from your partner. This will lead you to nowhere in the end as you only accepted the terms of this relationship in the beginning.

2. Less validity

These relationships have no or less validity as compared to dating. They are bound to break anytime, as we call it “no strings attached”. At times, you do not even realize when you start and end your relationship. Many of us feel it is cool and great not to be bothered and concerned so much, but later on, all it leaves us with is the frustration and anguish.

3. Feeling lonely

With computers and the internet, life has become fast, and hooking up sitting at home is just a click away. We do not even realize how fast we change our relationship status. Many people surround us all the time but still, we get that feeling of loneliness. That is why it is important to have a couple of good friends in life; at least you can have a bond with them. You will have a nice emotional connection with them and can rely on them in times of need.

The young generation who believes more than in hook up relations than love should once get their facts right about love. The following are some great things about love that the young generation must learn about:


How to have meaningful relationships

Relationships are strange sometimes and always difficult to manage. In almost every relationship there comes a time when you find it hard to go on without an outburst of emotions. If such emotional outbursts resolve an issue, you move on without ill feelings in your heart. On the other hand, there are times when things get serious and your love life takes a new turn. Here are a few important things to consider:

1. Understand the troubles

Couple fighting

Couples usually go through phases when they chose to have their own personal space and avoid talking to their partner especially if there are chances of having an argument. If it happens very often, you must be aware. Even when couples find themselves arguing over the same issues repeatedly, the relationship is at stake. Similarly, emotional withdrawal from a spouse is also a strong indication that the relationship is going in the wrong direction. Those couples who hold a grudge against their partners and trouble them just to take revenge also contribute to spoiling beautiful relationships.

2. Each one has a battle of his/her own

Woman yelling at her man

You certainly cannot deny the fact that all individuals have to go through the rough phases of life, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The poor struggle to make two ends meet which keeps them terribly occupied all their lives while strive hard to get peace of mind. You are not the only one who has to go through pain and suffering.

3. Know what you want

Romantic couple

You may develop a liking someone and get along with him/her on causal basis but do not deny the need to know what you actually want. Be clear with your feelings and tell your partner about them. Sometimes you cannot afford to take things casually especially when you have strong feelings for the other person. It is good to clarify things and know the opinion of the other person too.

 4. Communicate

Couple At Home

Share your true feelings with your partner no matter how stupid you sound. Do not hesitate to ask questions, clarify all your doubts. Come face to face with the reality since you cannot afford to keep things from your partner. An open communication strengthens your bond with your partner and helps you win his/her trust.

5. Do not seek perfection

Do not seek perfection

There is no such thing as perfection. It stands true for relationships also. Your desire to be with your partner and face adversities together makes it a perfect relationship. Accept things the way they are and see perfection in imperfections of small moments of life.

6. Get an acceptance for your true self

Get an acceptance for your true self

You do not hesitate to express your true self when you know your partner loves you for you. Make you partner feel comfortable so that you feel no need to keep things from each other. A sincere connection of two souls gives meaning to a relationship.  Disclose your fears, insecurity, and true emotions.

Love is absolute acceptance of somebody else without wishing that they were better than they are. It is accepting someone for who he/she is.  Love makes you a better person; it does not capitalize on your faults. That sounds so cool. Love is completely unconditional. It’s not dependent upon somebody’s actions or being. We love people for the sake of it, expecting totally nothing in return.

7. Feel free

Feel free

It is important that you feel free to even when you are in a relationship. You can never force the other person to like you or love you. It is your willingness to be there that gives meaning to a relationship. Do not try to control your partner or let him/her control you. If you feel trapped in a relationship, you must make a decision to come out of it or work on it.

8. Feel togetherness

Feel togetherness

A true relationship makes you feel important and complete. Both have to work together to realize their dreams and work towards personal growth. You must be willing to make an adjustment and sometimes sacrifice your own dreams for the sake of your partner.

9. Brings out the best in you

Brings out the best in you

Your partner can bring out the best in you if you accept him for his/her strength as well as his weaknesses. You learn and grow together without any fear of losing your true self. Then, you feel alive, strong, capable, and confident. You learn from each other, help each other to overcome difficulties, and live life to the fullest. But, you feel incomplete when your partner is not around and loves each moment spent together.

10. Talk thing out

quarreled couple in their living room

If you have any issues with your relationship, you must talk to each other and keep your point of view in front of your partner. There is no place for an outsider in a close relationship. You must not hide your feelings or need an explanation from your partner but trust him/her. Do not let anyone spoil the beautiful relationship you share with him/her.

11. Love and forgiveness

Love and forgiveness

It may be hard for you to forgive those who hurt you but it is important to keep yourself calm and controlled. Those who hold grudge against others do not understand that ill feelings do not serve any purpose. Such feelings do more harm to you than those who hurt you. Learn to forgive others and move on in life since these feelings are toxic for your health and mental peace. Forgive others if you wish to lead a happy life.

12. Accept their imperfections as true relationships are valuable

Stubborn woman and loving man

You cannot expect your partner or any other relation to be perfect since there is no such thing as perfection. Life itself is so full of imperfections but that may not be the reason to get disheartened. Something that is important is to know the fact that true relationships are valuable. They are worth all efforts. Consider yourself lucky if you get an opportunity to give a new direction to your relationships. You are not perfect neither are all others around you. Accept their imperfections to stuff your life with happy moments of everyday life.

13. Identify the problems and address them

Couple having relationship problems

You must prepare a list of troubles that bother you the most. Analyze all the relevant issues and start addressing them one by one. It is also important that you involve your partner if trouble has to do with an intimate relationship. Once you get to the nub of the matter, it is always easy to find the root cause and think of a permanent solution. Do not leave things on chance since you must take the control of your life in your own hands if you wish to bring about some positive changes.

14. Ask for help

Worried woman comforting a depressed friend sitting on a couch at home

You cannot think logically when you have tones of insecurities on your mind. In such a case, it is good to take help from trustworthy friends or reliable family members who could give you a neutral view and help you get a permanent solution. You can also seek professional advice to save your relationship.

15. Form a strong bond

Love is a strong bond between two people. It strengthens you as an individual and as a couple or a group. It is like having a strong wall behind you to protect you from falling. People in love share burdens. Be it financial, social, or physical. A loving person will stand by you in times of trouble. True love encourages and comforts a broken soul. True love is happy about your successes and shares in your joys. True love will inspire you to go for greater heights and be a better person.

16. Be selfless and caring

Love teaches you to be selfless and think of your loved ones before you think about yourself. You care for your loved ones and cannot see them in any trouble and you will go to any extent to help them. True love is about we/us, not just me. It has a collective sense of the two lovers. It is about seeing the other person as part of you and looking into the future together. Love lasts till death.

17. Love is to sacrifice

True love is concerned about your partners’ perspective. It does not make independent decisions without involving the other partner. It’s about seeing things from their point of view to avoid hurting them. It is gentle on other people’s feelings and thinks before uttering any word. Love is neither reckless nor ruthless. It is responsible for its own action.

Sacrifice means to give up something valuable or very dear for the sake of your loved ones. People have made big sacrifices even they sacrificed their lives for love.


Final Words

Nothing comes easy in life. You always have to make efforts to have beautiful relationships that give you the strength to carry on and support you regardless of anything else. Make sure you do not make a compromise keeping your self–respect at stake.

A true and meaningful relationship never makes you feel stuck or obligated. It is more like living your life with someone who allows you to be yourself. You accept your partner the way he/she is and enjoy the freedom to express your true feelings.

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