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Inculcate forgiveness and love in your life as it helps you shape your character

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It is quite difficult to move on in life for those who carry a burden of past mistakes or immense anger. Time goes by and the hatred they keep inside start turning them into non-believers and eventually pessimists. The grudge they hold against those who hurt them does more harm to them. On the contrary, those who take shelter of forgiveness and love find it mush easier to move on in life.

Why is it important to forgive?

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Those who do not let go off the pain they have deep down inside them often get caught in the moment. They find it hard to start new relationships with new people as their fears do not let them accept reality; let apart enjoying each passing day. Clinical psychologist Ryan Howes opines that people usually believe that forgiveness makes them even more vulnerable but it is true to forgive others to ease the pain.

Moreover, forgiveness paves way for personal growth and has positive effects on your heath too. It may help you lower down your cholesterol, blood pressure and heart rate. When you forgive others, you enjoy sound sleep that further improves your health.

Give your life a desired shape            

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Forgiveness and love help you give a desired shape to your life, as you are able to accept all others around you. You remain open to new suggestions and trust others, which paves ways for growth in life. It is important to maintain trustworthy relationships in life as they make your strong and give you the strength to carry on. Research says that those people who keep pulling themselves backwards or do not build good relationships around them are more at a risk of stress and anxiety.

Forgiveness in life

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The concept of forgiveness is always misunderstood by most of the people. They believe that forgiveness means that you accept all what happens in your life and give others the liberty to hurt you. However, to your amazement it has nothing to do with acceptance. Forgiveness means you adopt forgive and forget policy. You chose to move on leaving your bad experiences behind you. It feels liberating when you do not let others or your past describe you and move on with a new hope.

Give yourself the required support

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Those who forgive others but do not take learning may get hurt again. Forgiveness does not necessarily mean that you forget all about the incidence and get hurt again. Take learning instead but do not bring your life to a dead end by holding a grudge inside. You may have no control over the external circumstances no matter how hard you try, but you can certainly control the way you react. When you forgive others you give yourself the required support, which helps, you move forward and upward in life.

The power struggle

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Those people who keep themselves entangled in their past hand over the control of their lives to those who wronged them. They close their eyes to the fact that it is their life and they have the authority to live it their way.

Do not let others steal your happiness, as life is too short to waste over trivial issues. You must acknowledge the harm that has been done in past as it helps you make wiser choices in future. However, you must not let that change your as a person. Use your bad experiences to turn you into a better not a bitter person.

Those who hurt actually do not deserve to be there in your life and so are the bad memories they gave you. Forgiveness and love give a new direction to your life and help you keep yourself happy.

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