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How to Love Yourself by Recognizing The Beauty Within You

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Many people complain they are not quite at ease with their life because the surroundings and the atmosphere with the type of people around make them uncomfortable and sometimes miserable. Probably you also believe the same. Well, before cribbing that people around you make you uncomfortable because they do not accept you for whatever you are, you should ask yourself a question – do you accept yourself for who you are?

If you answer this question with a yes and you feel miserable owing to the people in your life then you need to reconsider your answer. Had you been accepting yourself wholly, you would never experience the stress and a bad mood because people around do no treat you the way you want them to. They do not love you until the extent you want them to love you. How can you expect others to love you unconditionally when your own love for yourself is not unconditional?

How to Love Yourself

He who accepts himself for who he is in life, or what he has, is the happiest man alive. Sad and dejected are those who are not at peace with who they are. No, you do not have to be perfect since no one really is and it certainly does not mean that you are less important than anyone else. You are an adorable, likable, and lovable person. Learn to accept your true self who is silly, childish, flawed but real you. Here are a few tips that’d help you really love yourself:

1. Spread Love and Joy around You

You are the best in your own right. You need to believe so yourself before you get anyone else to believe it. However, it is true that your behavior with those around you is what defines you. Hence, if you love and respect everyone around you, you will start feeling good about yourself. Try making everyone around you happy and you will feel immense joy and pleasure. In fact, others will treat you the way you have treated them. Hence, treat everyone with as much kindness as possible. You will slowly start to like yourself. You will become someone worthy in your own eyes.

The other thing that you can do is smile at everyone you come across. Some will not smile back at you but for those who do, you will feel good about it. Also, those people that you have helped will shower their gratitude on you. This will make you feel even better. None the less, there is an altogether different side to this. You don’t have to be nice to people just because you want them to be nice to you. It should come from within. The feeling of helping out and bringing joy around you should be absolutely natural.

2. Add Some Good Karma into your Account

It is not only going to add to your good karma but you are going to feel a hundred times better about yourself. It is going to be one hell of a person that you will become. All you need to do is, put in a little bit of effort. However, before you go out and start spreading love and joy for everyone else, love yourself. Yes, you need to like yourself first before anyone else does. In fact, no one is going to like you if you don’t like yourself. Hence, learn to love yourself at every step of life. No matter what happens, stay in love with yourself.

This will help you go a million steps ahead. Spreading love and joy and loving yourself are the 2 basic steps towards being unique. It will cast an altogether different impression on everyone around you. It is as simple as being good to everyone around you and being thankful to people around you. If you don’t do this already, you should definitely inculcate such practice in your life. You could start with something like one good deed a day. You could make a notebook and write down your good deeds on a regular basis. Whenever you are feeling low, look back into those pages and it will cheer you up.

3. Listen to Your Inner Voice

Just like every other person around you, you also have your own characteristics. Learn to accept yourself the way you are. Do not try imitating those who are around you. Hence, be yourself and be proud of who you are. If you are proud of yourself then, your personality is going to shine on amidst a crowd. However, remember you have to be proud and not prudish. Also, read a lot and increase your knowledge. Having an awareness of whatever is happening around you is a necessity. Also, don’t keep this knowledge to yourself. Share it with people, indulge in conversations, and experience the joy of having knowledge. Sometimes, you do not know what good deed you should be doing.

Listen to your inner voice, you will be directed towards what to do. Always do what your inner voice is asking you to, even if the world is against it. Nothing can direct you better than your own inner voice. If you cannot hear your inner voice yet, you should meditate and keep yourself calmer. Keeping your emotions in control will help you reach your inner voice easily. It isn’t so difficult to listen to the inner voice if you have a guilty conscience.  And you are going to develop a guilty conscience for sure if you continue with spreading joy and happiness, doing good deeds, and sharing your knowledge.

4. Be Yourself, Without Any Fear or Apprehensions

You will really begin to feel unique and nice once you have developed these habits. Not only will it make you distinct from everyone else, but it will also increase your potential. You will start feeling happier as well. Start with sharing your knowledge, your happiness, and your newness with everyone around you. Set goals for yourself and accomplish them but set only those goals that you like. For, loving yourself and doing what you like to do is one of the major keys to becoming a unique person. You are special only if you believe you are. You don’t need to conform to anything or anyone, you only need to be who you are, without any fear or apprehensions. You are one among many.

5. Learn to love yourself and the rest will follow

The majority of people believe they are depressed because society or people in their lives do not love them. Come over this myth because people are not the cause of your unhappiness but you yourself are. Accept yourself for whoever you are and love everything God has blessed you with and see how your life fills with happiness and contentment.

Once happiness and sheer contentment find a way into your life, you will enjoy being in a happy mood all the time. Here are some very simple but extremely effective ways you can follow to start loving yourself and your life condition, so that you are in a good mood always:

6. Say this to yourself everyday…

I am smart, I am beautiful, I have a kind heart, I am talented, I am hardworking, and the rest will automatically follow. It is a matter of self-confidence, which you ought to have to love and respect yourself. Whatever you do, you must take pride in it and be happy about it. Doing this can prevent you from going astray, as the moment you start feeling ashamed of any action of yours, at once understand you are doing wrong.

7. Don’t find faults or blame yourself

negativity in your life

It may be your negative viewpoint that instigates negativity in your life. Do not find faults in everything you do, it will create troubles for you. You can easily find faults in everything if you are determined to do so and it can be the other way around too. Do not find faults at least if you cannot appreciate your efforts.

8. Don’t seek others opinion on almost everything

important decisions

There is no need to take anyone else’s opinion when you make important decisions of your life. It loosens your self-confidence and makes you dependent upon others. Makes sure you take suggestions only for things you do not understand and for that to take the help of a trustworthy friend or loved ones. You get confident with everyday tasks only when you give yourself an opportunity to do so. You are as good as no one else around you, do not leave a single chance to try things out.

9. Let bygones be bygones

One man between past and future.

What’s gone has become past, don’t let your past overpower your present. Keep no space for regrets since they only make you feel down and low. Learn to use learning from the past to utilize your skills in the right direction. Each one of us has a dark side to his/her life and it is all right until you let that darkness gobbles up your happiness.

10. Learn to appreciate what you have

Learn to appreciate

Life may be full of troubles at times that can hardy keep you from appreciating what you have. If you look at your life closely, you would see that you have almost everything you need to have a lifetime of happiness. Do not take things for granted and accumulate a happy moment of everyday life. You may not have everything you desire but surely have everything you need and that’s what makes it a perfect life.

11. Take it easy

Man covered face with his hands in heavy chess game

Don’t be hard on yourself, take it easy as you really do not have to run after perfection. Life if full of beautiful surprises for those who keep their options open and do not let their failures bring them down. Life is as beautiful as you make them. Develop a positive attitude towards life and keep your hopes up for a better tomorrow.

12. Get into action

cheerful business woman with clock. Planning and organization co

Planning is important but those who spend a good amount of time in planning find it hard to chase their goals. Do not get so involved in planning that you lose sight of the fact that you need to take actions to give life to your plans. Make plans; set goals but always timeframe your goals. You must have clarity of thoughts. It is not your plan but it’s completion that makes you a successful person.

13. Do not fret and de-stress yourself

Many things happen to us in a day that makes us fret at people around and on the circumstances. Whatever may be the reason, you should try to be calm in all the situations and this can only happen if you develop a deep understanding of cause and effect in you.

Before getting annoyed with someone or with a situation, takes out a second and think about your role in the entire episode. After giving it a thought you will definitely come up with a behavior that is worth handling the arisen situation without spoiling your mood.

14. Live not in the past or future but in the present

Comparison not with others but that we do with our own life, as in how happy we were in the past and today life is so difficult, and the future seems dark, is much more dangerous. You should learn to live in the present and give it your best shot if you desire to live in good spirit and good mood, or else sticking to your past and endlessly worrying about the future only makes the present miserable.

15. Get some time for fun

No matter how busy you are in your life, you must take some time out of your busy schedule to have fun. Fun could be anything that could reload your lost energy, enthusiasm, and zest to live a happy life. Be it going out with friends, spending time with children or pets, or spending some time with yourself, just do it.


Tips for Recognizing the True Beauty Within You

Each individual has a unique and different self. It is just your perception that makes a person beautiful or ugly. When you are kind to others and are at your best behavior, everyone likes and admires you. You cannot compare yourself with all others around you since you are never aware of each aspect of their lives, which makes it a baseless comparison.

Here are a few simple steps to make people aware of the beautiful side to your personality.


1. Don’t assume                      

Do not give importance to baseless thoughts like what others think or say about you since such thoughts are toxic for your happiness. Learn to be yourself and do not put on different masks to impress others. When you are your true self, you get a real acceptance from all others around you.

2. Be honest to yourself and others too

closeup of young and beautiful girl

Don’t hide your imperfections and flaws simply because you fear rejection from all others. The real you is much more beautiful and complete who knows no boundaries. Learn to turn your weaknesses into your strengths. You must keep a similar attitude for all others. Do not expect others to be perfect; learn to accept others with their flaws.

3. Everyone has faults

ok sign

You are not the only one who has to struggle with limitations as everyone has faults. This is one fact that helps you accept your true self completely and move on in life. No one is perfect, each one has his/her own fears and struggles in life. Those who do not argue the fact always set new standards of success.

4. Calm down and share happiness

share happiness

Do not take things so seriously that you find it hard to pull your lips into a smile. Life may be cruel at times but that can never be the reason to keep yourself down and low all the time. Take it easy and learn to laugh at your own miseries. Happy people are more productive and live longer as compared to their counterparts. They make beautiful relationships and share happiness around them.

5. Follow your own style

Fashionable woman with a bag in light background

Can you really make your own identity if you always try to copy someone else? This way you end up being someone else’s reflection, which has no real existence in the world. You are a unique individual who is distinctive and matchless. Develop your own style, be it the way you walk, dress up or handle your problems. If you follow others, you can never make your own identity among millions.

6. Offer your help

Offer your help

When you help others, you invite positivity in your own life, which makes it easy for you to handle your own troubles. You not only develop a new perspective to look at your own life but also reenergize your soul with innovative thoughts and ideas. You get to know that you may be going through a rough phase of your life but your problems are nothing as compare to others. When you help others, they wish you success in life and help you count your blessings.

7. Live day by day

Live day by day

When you keep all your life together, you fail to give equal importance to each passing day. Live in the moment instead and give value to each day. Start your day early and with a positive note. Make sure you do at least one act of kindness each day. It fills your heart with joy, which soon gets shifted in all areas of your life. Keep a beautiful smile on your face especially when you converse with others.

You may get attracted to those who look beautiful but your long-term acquaintance is always with those who have a beautiful soul. Treat yourself well and give importance to meaningful things in life.

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