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Why long term relationships are better than hookups

long term relationships are better

In college, you may have experienced easy hookups, going out with someone new every weekend and taking them home. The question is – are these hookups really worth it? Do they mean more than satisfying your sexual desires? Is there any feeling of love between two people? However, here are a few things discussing why long term relationships are better than hookups.

Long term relationships provide stability

Being in a relationship is a great feeling and long term relationships not only provide stability but also give the feeling of security. Having someone always besides you in your joys and sorrows is wonderful and gives you the confidence of dealing with tough situations. On the other hand, hookup is not at all stable. Today who is hooked up with you might hook up with someone else tomorrow. You cannot rely on such ever changing hookups.

Long term relationships have emotions, hookups don’t

When you are in a long term relationship, you connect with each other through emotions. Due to these emotions sex becomes meaningful but same is not the case in hookups. You have sex without any emotions or end up doing so just to find an alternative to what you missed in life and to ease out your pain. However, no matter how hard you try hookups can never give you true love.

Long term relations are easy than hookups

No doubt, hookups are easy to start and long term relationships take time and for this reason college student’s start considering long term relationships to be hard. It is a fact that relationships flourish only through hard and sincere efforts. They demand trust, patience and carebut hookups on the other hand become complicated with time and it is then, when you realize that long term relationships are far better than hookups.

Long term relationships help you know a person deeply than hookups

Your presence in a long term relationship means knowing your love completely and having a strong emotional bond with each other. Hookups never give you the time to know each other deeply because these things do not matter at all. All you know is that today you are hooking up with some and tomorrow it will be someone else. This makes you lose all the specialness that relationships deliver.

Long term relationships are successful love bonds between two people that give them the strength to surpass all difficulties whereas hookups are ever changing and complicate your life rather than delivering anything good.

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