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Being Different and Unique

Being Different and Unique

We are All Different Because We All are Unique

In the course of our day-to-day lives, we meet and deal with many different sorts of people. Not many persons bother to but some individuals are there who try to assess the various sorts of people they meet in their everyday lives. For those few perceptive ones, I present a question – Are humans similar or different? The majority of people are likely to support the latter view and, not surprisingly, it happens to be true.

Importance of Difference

We humans are all unique and special in our own ways; it may not be evident on the first glance but with time, the differences in our character tend to crop up unexpectedly and then we realize that it was right in front of us the whole time and we never even noticed. However, being “different” should not be misconstrued as necessarily being out of the ordinary or against the natural order of society. It just implies our individuality of nature. History is replete with examples of people who were different; yet were lauded by everyone such as Albert Einstein, Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, and Amelia Earhart among others.

Sameness can be tolerated up to a certain degree to offer cohesion to society. However, the kind of society, which upholds sameness and persecutes that which is different, is not only mundane but also dangerous. It leads to the stunting of growth and development not only of our mental faculties but also our ethical perspectives. Therefore, instead of trying to stick to the dictates of what society considers being “normal”, you should confidently embrace your uniqueness.

Learn to Accept being Different

The first step towards accepting yourself is to come to terms with the fact that being different does not mean you are capable of anything less than others are. In fact, your life is enriched because of being different since it brings new challenges with it. You adapt yourself to consider things from different viewpoints. You are not restricted to a single channel of thought. It is important that you free your mind from the superficial constraints of society and love yourself, your uniqueness. Only then can you realize your full potential. Society could not have developed to the point it has reached now if people did not dare to be different. They were able to envision objects others could not until later.

You need to develop by exposing your uniqueness to the world, not shying away from it. Stay true to who you are. If a thought pops into your head, weigh and consider it. Do not dismiss it instantly as being trivial. Sometimes, without our awareness, these thoughts contain the seeds of something great.

All are Unique

No matter how much society tries to portray those who are different in a poor light, it cannot be denied that we are all different. It may not be conspicuous, but every single one of us has a particular trait or quirk, which sets him or her apart from the rest. However, in an effort to fit in, some of us deny this basic truth. We forget that our uniqueness is what makes us human and denying our true nature can only lead to internal turmoil. Therefore, it is wiser to revel in our uniqueness and be proud of the fact that we have lived life to its fullest.

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