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Baggage of Life, Love, and Pain

Baggage of Life, Love, and Pain

Love comes with its own set if baggage. It could be heavy it could be light. It could be happy it could be sad. It could be fun or torturous. But one thing is for sure if there is love there is hurt. This is because love brings expectations and when these expectations fail to meet they cause pain. This is inevitable.

Life is entangled in a crutch of relationships. Hence this pain I mentioned about is applicable to all relationships. These relationships could be with family, love interest, siblings, friends, and enemies too. Who said enemies don’t love each other. They do, when they find an enemy bigger than you, they love you relatively more. Sounds complex and bizarre right? You will get a better idea about what I’m talking. Always remember that love and hared are relative in nature, and subjective to situations and circumstances. This pain is the skeleton of all relationships. Though difficult to express I will try explaining it. No person likes to feel pain, everyone tries avoiding pain, and hence in order to not feel the pain people go to all extends to not feel it and maintain the relationship in such a way that it will not cause pain. But, it is this hurt feeling that causes you the value the relationship. When you feel the pain you feel it out of insecurity, the insecurity if false ego, the insecurity of losing a loved one or just facing the fact that their expectation has not been met. Insecurity is often the main underlying reason for people’s pain. God doesn’t just ad pain to human lives, It’s there for a reason. You may not want to continue reading this article from here but just take a look down further.

You’re heart is broken, it is shattered, you feel the pain, you cry, sob, grieve the loss. Bear the burden of loss and the list of sad feelings become longer. But then over time maybe weeks, and then months you come out of it, you grow strong, you start living again. This is a new you. In simple words this is what love has done to you. It caused you pain, it caused you loss and here there is a new you right here in front of you. His is how human beings evolve. How a child does so small learn and grow, how does his mind and soul evolve? This happens through these cyclical bouts of love, hate, pain, and learning. Let’s make this simple for you. Love makes you happy; it brings the ecstatic feeling in you. But when suddenly this same love that made you happy is withdrawn away it makes you sad. It is a cycle. This cycle continues through life. This is how your soul evolves from birth to childhood.

Honestly, yes there are sad feelings more than the happy ones in life. But it’s up to you to take each pain a as a new learning experience and take things forward from there. But in this entire helluva of a process you leant many things, you grew a stronger character, you became bolder. Let’s see the changes you underwent.

First and foremost you became stronger, your soul and body becomes stronger. Your threshold of endurance increases. You take more stress easily now, but that doesn’t mean you add stress to your life.

Secondly, you learn to empathize, you lean to see life from different points of views. You value each view and respect them more. You learn to put yourself in other people’s difficult situation and learn to help more.

Thirdly, you learn to teach. After bitter experiences in life ones become more of preacher. You learn to share your bad experience with all to make them learn well from your bitter experience.

Fourthly, you become a listener, not the one who talks but who listens. You become more patient. You realize that life’s haste is not worth it because you feel that all leads to pain in the end. You also learn that ever cloud has silver lining. You realize there exists a day after a night and a hole at the end of long weary tunnel.

Evidently, you see that love transforming into pain taught you many things in life. Yes at times it does cause loses and people often do become more spiritual. Yes and this is exactly why people say that spiritual people o religious people are those who have suffered a lot. The world often says that people who suffer a lot are often kinder and nicer people. This may not be true for all but however, this is true to a certain extent. This is because the people who constantly face the traumas and troubles in life are more resistant to it and because of their innate ability to empathize and sympathize and hence they are often the kinder lot than many.

It is said that time heals pain, yes it very true this paint hat been caused by sweet, and kind love to you can only be headless by the weapons of time. Memories make the unpleasant things and fade away and the best remain. Humans are made in his fashion and I guess it is best that they are made that way. Pain cause by love springs nothing but learning, it makes you a better person. It makes you a more reliable person. It also makes you aware of the mistakes you made and of the sorrows you cried and that you could have avoided pain had you not done A and had you done B. It makes you better and informed decision maker and hence now we know how children grow. They learn from pain. Let ne enlighten you with a simple example, a child learns how to ride a bicycle only after h e falls a million time of it. He learned to balance it and simply for the love of riding the cycle he may have take the pain and he may have to fall to ride it. So is the relationship between life, love and a pain.

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