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Accomplishment- Is it Necessary to Boost your Confidence

Boost your Confidence

Have you ever noticed that whenever your family, loved one or even any stranger boasts about ‘your’ accomplishments in front of others or just congratulates you for the same, you feel a certain happiness that no other thing could have given you in life? Well that is the real power of “accomplishment” in life. You might take accomplishments for granted at times but they would always remain there as a proof of your hard work. In a way, your achievements define you at many occasions. So, treat even the tiniest accomplishment in the right way because you have been lucky enough to be chosen by success at that point of time.

Reflection of achievements in attitude

Just passed an examination with highest scores? You would eventually feel like you are flying. You would want to talk to people, have fun and just somehow bring in the topic of grades so that you would be able to tell everyone about your achievement. In short, it would make your mood happy and pleasing. On the contrary, if you would score low grades, the disappointment would reflect in all your expressions and actions. You would feel like sitting alone in a room. You would fear that if someone would ask you about your grades then you would have to face insult of being a failure. You would simply feel like avoiding the topic at the gatherings as much as possible. In fact you would be ‘running away’ from your non-accomplishments. Whether we agree or not, we all behave in the same manner towards our success and failure.

Accomplishing ‘some’ thing in life, regardless of the fact that it was materialistic or not, certainly gives us that unknown inner strength that we reflect in our behavior!

Remind and reward yourself

You all might be thinking that accomplishments are anyways going to bag you plenty of rewards from others, either in the form of praises and reorganization in the society or in the shape of some materialistic thing- then what is the need of rewarding one’s own self? Well, it is very much important because others might treat us in the best way they can but only we know exactly how we want to be treated. So, whenever you get a chance, just ‘pamper’ yourself a bit and then you would find some positive feelings start lurking inside you, giving you that required self- confidence. Besides, if on a bad day you feel low or face failure then remind yourself of the times when you had your hands filled with achievements. That would certainly bring back your lost trust on your own abilities.

Do not forget that when you have a low down in life, ‘you’ would have to become your own strength and when you have some accomplishments in your kitty, the task of pampering your own self becomes a little easier!

‘Small’ things matter ‘big’ time

Have you even felt the joy of cooking your own food or just making a cup of tea for the first time? Cleaning the house in the absence of your parents in order to lessen the burden off your mom’s shoulder? Buying a gift for your buddy from ‘your’ pocket money that he always wanted to have? Well, these are the smallest things, rather ‘accomplishments’ that could be easily overlooked but actually matter a lot in life. Do not feel stupid while addressing these simple tasks in the list of your achievements because these are the things which you ‘actually ‘ wanted to do. These things gave immense happiness to not only the person for whom you have done that activity but also a feeling of satisfaction to your own being. Do not go by the definition of accomplishment that others believe in or that you read somewhere in the dictionary. Just relax for a few moments and think what accomplishment means to ‘you’. Explore your ‘inner side’ for the things that make you rejoice, that matter to you and not others because ultimately they would become ‘your’ inspiration for a lifetime.

Never presume that successfully performing ‘supposedly’ important tasks only could be counted as the achievements in life. Sometimes even the “big” happenings in life do not affect you as much as the “tiniest” triumphs do. Your ‘real’ accomplishment would be the one that would give ‘you’ the inner strength and not what others would claim as a motivational source!

The rational human mind demands a proof

Have you ever considered your mum’s words when she says that you are capable enough to do anything and everything in successfully? You surely would have but then when you face failure, those sweet and encouraging words might have felt as useless as ever to you. There would have been a point when you would have actually stopped paying attention to such words by your loved ones, feeling that they just say it to make you happy. These words indeed could certainly build your self-confidence but cannot sustain it; in fact they would become a source of disappointment as you might feel that you are not being able to reach the level of their expectations. Your rational mind would need a proof of those beliefs and that confirmation would only come with the achievements in life. With ‘your’ success list in hand, you would be able to compose yourself and eventually encouraging to move ahead in the low phases.

Only the ‘actual’ accomplishments can help to boost up your confidence for a longer phase of time. Mere words of encouragement could actually lose their magic at certain point of life!

However, be careful! Take your success in a very serene manner. Do not, by any way, let it empower your mind as that could lead to negative effects. Learn to accept your failures and your achievements in a very mature manner. Remember, your accomplishments can guide you to the right way only if you will let it happen. It’s ‘you’ who would be having the ultimate power to use the effect of achievements wisely!

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