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Your Instincts will always Show you the Way and Act as your Saviour

Don't take the world so personally. Don't take everything personally

Listen to That Voice in your Inside

Oprah Winfrey is without doubt a popular role model for one and all. “Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself”. She says. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is necessary to listen to your inner voice as and when it hears you. It is right at that moment that it instigates you; otherwise, you will not be hearing it at all, if you let it go the first time itself. Hence, act on it as soon as it comes along and you will feel great about doing it. 9 times out of 10, listening to your inner voice works.

Thus, always keep your ears open for something that is to enter your head or wring your heart. You need to implement it as soon as you hear it. You will later on be more than happy for the fact that you did implement what you felt like doing. However, it is alright to do things spontaneously and on an impulse but at the same time, it isn’t correct to do it anyhow. Figure out a way to put your impulses to practice and things will soon be going your way. If you keep going this way, some day or the other, you will make it big.

Do it the Right Way

Do it the Right Way


Respond to the voice correctly. Use the correct method to implement what you have just heard from your deep insides. Sometimes, it might seem absolutely illogical and irresponsible to act as per your inner voice. It all entirely depends on you. You might want to follow what your inner voice says and it might come off well. Sometimes, you have to pass it off and do what is right and what is logical. However, most of the times, your instincts will point to logic. You may not see it, but logic is what your instincts are pointing at. Hence, listen to them as you go along and analyse them and act upon them in the correct manner.

Yes, the voice requires you to act immediately but you don’t have to act on it without thought. Give it a thought first and see if it makes sense to follow your heart. Sometimes, your heart will point at absolutely pointless, useless and senseless things and it might become a necessity to shut your heart down and listen to your head. For, the heart can be a biased creature a lot of times and it will obviously point at something that you like a lot and is a favourite of yours. You need to make the difference and act accordingly.

Differentiate Right from Wrong

Right Choice


Some of the thoughts might actually send you blushing and make you go purple in the face. It is up to you to decide whether you actually want to act upon this foolish idea or not. Your heart is obviously partial and favours things that you like. You need to recognise between feelings and logic before you go ahead and act on an impulse. It doesn’t take you a very long time to find out what’s wrong. Hence, use your psychological skills to find out the difference between wrong and right. It will not take you ages to find this out. In fact, your own inner voice will tell you the difference between wrong and right.

Hence, listen to your inner voice and listen carefully. It is definitely addressing you and it is up to you to give it an ear to ignore it altogether. Your inner voice will tell you a million things on a daily basis. It is up to you to listen to them all and act on them. Not all of the things make sense. Some of the things are completely pointless and useless. Some things make complete sense and are the right things to do. It all entirely depends on you. If you wish to follow on the senseless ones, you may. Sometimes, it is fun to do absolutely senseless things.

Instincts are Indeed Wisdom

Sometimes, the state of things is so cloggy and foggy that you have absolutely no idea what you are doing and where you are going. In such cases, you need to find yourself a quiet corner, sit down, and think through things carefully. Your inner voice will point you towards somewhere. Follow the lead. You may or may not land up in a better position but it is any day better than being nowhere at all. After all, your instincts are at work all the time, including when you are asleep. Why then should you not be following your instincts?

Sometimes, they will advice you and at other times, they will ask you to go crazy. Your instincts are what will help you live a happier and fuller life.

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