Non-Violent Victory is the Best and the most Memorable Victory

Victory by Force, isn’t Victory

“Force is all Conquering but its victories are short-lived” is a Buddhist quote. The point when things are carried out by power, there would appear to be there’s triumph and there is, however it doesn’t keep going long on the grounds that “the structure” either crumples on itself or “the structure” is inevitably evened the score concerning. The point when things are carried out commonly, its’ to a greater extent a free streaming parade towards what it to be looked for after and finished. It’s extremely Buddhist, Taoist, or Eastern logic.

My life is my message - Mahatma Gandhi - A Great leader of our time

It has often been seen in the examples of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and a million others how victory can be achieved without force. Mahatma Gandhi was the pioneer of non-violence and holds a respected position in the entire world until today. Martin Luther king and others followed suit with Mahatma Gandhi. Even today, activist Anna Hazare works on the principles of Mahatma Gandhi. Thus, what the great Mahatma did 60 years ago without the use of force is still prevalent and followed by a large number of people. It isn’t for nothing that India won independence through the non-violent methods of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Force in your Mind

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There is a mind blowing inactive energy and force inside each of us simply holding up to be unleashed and centred for our benefit. Everybody is honoured with it. The saying force is characterized in that same lexicon as “the force of an individual to act adequately and vivaciously. When you join together the meanings of both vanquish and force you get this explanation: “The Conquering Force is the force of an individual to act viably and vivaciously, so they get what they look for by defeating each hindrance in their path, through physical, mental or ethical force.”

Your Conquering Force is your inherent capability to act viably to get what you look for by defeating all snags in your direction. The unstoppable Conquering Force recently dwells inside you — inside everybody, so far as that is concerned. It has been with you since the day you were conceived. Actually, the excuse for why we people have fulfilled anything to date — incorporating figuring out how to walk, talk, tie our shoes, drive an auto, swim, ski, play an instrument or sing, construct houses, manufacture pyramids, make workstations, destroy infections, put a man on the moon, and so forth — was a direct result of the Conquering Force was at full power.

Everyone has it in them and you aren’t any different

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Everything that anybody has achieved some time or another in his or her life serves as unquestionable confirmation that they as of recently have the Conquering Force inside them and that it was a Core Desire of theirs to finish that which they succeeded in doing. The inquiry isn’t do you have it. The true inquiry is; “Where is the switch?” The switch to flip on your prevailing over Force is Core Desires. In that lies an enormous issue. 97% can’t faultlessly recognize what theirs are.  Although it’s one of your most awesome endowments, in the event that you are like most individuals, you likely haven’t provided for it much thought not to mention distinguish it and name it. Furthermore assuming that you are absent or just ambiguously mindful of its great force you are most likely not receiving greatest use in return. You presumably aren’t connecting to it as frequently as possible. It’s like power in the divider of your home. You don’t get the profit of it. You can connect a light to the divider attachment and you get light. In the event that you don’t connect to it is only sits there… inactive energy and force.

Tap into that Quavering Force


Some people constantly tap into their Conquering Force and utilize it in all areas. I know I do. I have little doubt that upon understanding all there is to know about this amazing Conquering Force that resides within you, you’ll begin doing the same. Then you will rank among those who are enjoying life at its fullest and be among the ones who have or are getting what they want. If you want to quit searching for success and want to start living a successful life then you’ve got to use the force within you.

Thus, use the conquering force within you wisely. Instead of conquering with force, use the conquering force and you will succeed to new height. Your life will go through a staggering change. Those victories that you have had on the strength of force will lead to revenge and war and won’t last for a very long time. Victories won with the conquering force will reward you well in the long run.  India’s story of independence is a proof of the same.

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