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Think Big, Believe More and Accomplish Now

Every single breathing body and soul has great potential to accomplish great things if they desire to do so. Everyone has a goal and wants to accomplish that goal, even through sacrifices. In order to complete a task every bit of the individual’s mind, body, and soul should be awake. All of us have a giant within ourselves; it is the matter of awakening the same so that the best can come out. Comprehending these words are easy in theory but are extremely difficult in practical world.

Focused Mind and Single Target

It’s like the eye of the parrot. When you want to shoot the parrot you can only see the parrot’s eye. Help yourself and drag yourself. Even if one does not have the energy to do then also do the task.

Only hard work pays off well          

One has to really work hard and accomplish the goal which one has set for self. Success, talent, potentiality, ability, or knowledge is determined by the power you have within yourself. Dreams can be accomplished only when you can implement the fundamental laws of success.

Stop being afraid of the disapprovals that might come on your way! They are unstoppable and sure to come. Trust yourself and accomplish the objective. Ignore the individuals who ignore you and start spending time with people who can trust you. But before anyone trusts you, you should trust yourself and do the task.  Have the right tool to accomplish the targets. It will help you accomplish faster.

Secrets of accomplishment

  • Almighty and family first: If God and family is not a part of success then it will take seconds to convert that success into failure. Never forget the contribution family and God has made towards your success. Putting them first will not only speed up success but ironically they will contribute towards accomplishments.
  • Eliminate negativity: Sometimes it is not the surroundings that create negativity. It is your mind that is working negatively. People, everyone has great ideas, great potential, and reachable dreams with unlimited power. You have to listen to the voice of positive energy and do the needful. When you are occupied with fears and doubts in mind then think of the clause that if the event occurs in reality then it can change the entire scenario. Living your life means killing all negativity in mind as well as soul.
  • Action and hard work: Make a decision and accomplish it now. What separated talented individuals from ordinary individuals is hard work. Dreams, goals, mission, desires and ideas can be achieved when hard work is involved.
  • Get up from failures: Failure is not a person but it is an event which is very necessary to achieve success. And for success you have to accomplish the objectives of success. Refusing to quit and mountain steady willpower is extremely essential. History has taught us all these lessons. The way world emerged from Great Depression or the World Wars are the live examples of the best which was waiting to come. These failures are the roadblocks of the path to success they are not dead ends. They cannot be dead ends as there is light after that. A light full of glory and success.
  • Never Quit: It is not only our parents who teaches us not to quit but our great scientists also taught us the same. It may so happen you may give up when you were very near to success and you are not aware about it. So you should never stop trying, regardless whatever happens.

You can accomplish anything under the sun by simply applying these secrets. The success journey is a long journey and you should not be so obsessed with it that family and other priorities are jeopardized.

We Need To Give When We Receive

This is the mantra to maintain success.  Keeping family and god first and with unselfish values you can experience the true success which came because of accomplishment. Every best work can be perceived as an Accomplishment. When M F Husain makes a world renowned painting then he has accomplished a task and is able to exhibit his skills. Thus every work is a task and it has to be accomplished.

We can accomplish and become anything! But the greatest accomplishment is when there is belief in oneself and then the ideas which one possesses.  Do not confuse yourself with different goals every time.  The goals should be such that they can be accomplished and every goal once achieved should be a stepping stone to the next. You should not set above the ability goals which can have negative impact.

Dare to dream, dare to think big and think different. Remember always think big! While thinking big make sure you are armed with the mind that is configured to think in BIG only. To accomplish you should plan, think and dream big.


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