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Action is the driving force of life


“Action is the driving force of life” The quoted proverb shows the importance of action and the danger of being stagnant. Man’s life is full of sound and fury. Man has become so busy in earning, eating and sleeping but somewhere something is still missing where it needs man’s real action to get rid of this polarization. To get new and desired results people make all necessary frame works and even keep all goals and objectives for life. But when it comes to the implementation of the set goals people lag behind because of the lack of motivation to take action. This is the reason of the staleness in the lives of people.

People when they feel mentally lethargic it reflects on the body and they tend to become lazy. Until and unless the exact time of emergency to act comes people forget about the goal and objectives that they had once set. Especially this kind of attitude is seen in school and college students. This happens due to lack of imagination. If one can imagine the results of being idle the negative consequences of not taking the action he may never feel tired of life.

People cannot take action when they fail in setting up strong goal for life. If the goals are in a way only to please someone and not self- motivating then it’s obvious to stay back to take action. This is because goals are never ending and are for life long. So we may set the objectives based on our daily activities to achieve the goal and realize that these objectives only will lead to our goal makes us drive our life toward the positive path. Thus we tend to act by keeping the strong goal and objectives to be happy and content in life. Thus we can see success in life.

In order to be successful in life our surroundings and friends are more contributing it is always better to keep away those bring down our mood and pull our legs in the name of showing sympathy. Instead being in the company of those who are spontaneous for positive things helps us a lot to be active in life. Just admiring them will not do but be ready take inspiration and act on it.

To set strong goalsand being in the company of motivating people itself will not makethe life beautiful. It is the self-imposed rules or we may call it as self-discipline will make us not only active in life we will become role model for others who lack enthusiasm in life. There we also take a role of leading others toward light from dark.

Not taking action shows the lack of self-confidence moreover it is lack of faith in own self. “Now” and “I will” Is the motivating factor to do anything positive in the world and achieve the desired success in life. Time will never come to us for us to take action it is we who should make the time that we are “in”.

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