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Life is worth risk taking

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Nobody can deny that life gives us many opportunities to rise and shine. Not that the chances are always what you expect them to be, but then again, whatever turns out according to your plans anyway?

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It is true that life will always give us chances, big, small, fat, and thin, in between and whatever crazy dimension you would like to give it. Nevertheless, the problem sometimes is not how small or how big the opportunities are, the problem lies whether we take it up or make use of it or not.

Do not be so surprised. Say, ask yourself this; you have always imagined about doing this, going there and wanting to have some adventure in your life. However, you never did any of it when the chance presented itself, however insignificant? Why? Fear obviously. Most of the times, people end up wallowing with self-pity or blame something or someone, instead of turning it upon themselves and accepting it!

Laze- a big fat reason for avoiding risks

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At the face of it, not many will agree that I am right. However, think about it for a minute and ask yourself, did laziness have anything at all to do with your turning down that offer you so wanted to take?

For starters, you might have always wanted to have a life of your own, hitchhike throughout the world and dreamed of settling down in New York City someday. In any event, you did not end up doing any of it.


afraid indian teenager

Simple, you were not only afraid of how it was going to be, you were not up to it to pack your things and make a move toward New York. The reasons, which you naturally settled for, were; the pay was not enough, the ones close to you could not bear it and of course, you did not get an apartment, though nobody in New York ever gets an apartment at the first go.

Just forget the stupid example for the time being and think about the significance about the example. Your heart might have betrayed you at the last moment, but your mind and you had something to do about it as well.

Success comes to those who climb until the end, they say. However, if you fail to make the first step, how do you expect to survive!

Fighting your Dementors

Preparing for Failure

Ever wondered what is the difference between a muggle and a witch or a wizard? True, the sole reference may make you think about Harry Potter, but then again, try to see past the mundane mate!

A witch or a wizard is always quicker than a muggle because they have magic. Now, I might be no expert, but who says that magic does not exist?

Look around my friends and you will see how magical the world is. You just really need your eyes for seeing past the mud.

As far as the dementors are concerned, seriously now, why do you have to think about an endless dark soul-sucking pit, instead of bright and happy failure?

After all, none of us are equipped with either a wand or the incantation for the Patronus Charm. However, that does not mean that all of us surround ourselves with negativity and unhappiness. It just takes some time and some motivation in order to make sure that you are capable of taking a risk.

However, having some chocolates with you while bungee jumping might be a good idea here, just in case you are willing to take a risk and your heart is about to give up on you.

Keep the Prize and Value the Cost

business valuation

For anything in the world to be achieved, it is rather true that some amount of cost has to be paid in order for you to have it. Your risk-taking prowess might just be the price that you have to pay for achieving something.

Just ask yourself, what can you lose really? Even if you stand to lose a lot, if you have it in you, nothing will be impossible for you to achieve. If nothing, you can always take out a paper and pen and jot down every risk and every gain, which will be a direct result of your decision to take the risk.

Remember children, my friends? Try to observe them the next time you are around one.

You will see that they think themselves to be invincible. They think that nothing can hurt them and nothing will ever bog them down. They are neither afraid about failure nor sure about success.

You can actually take a leaf out of their book and see how it goes. Moreover, you are wiser than a child is and have a mind of your own. In that case, you can always count your efforts to be based on some good appraisals on your part. So go on, try taking a risk and seeing how it goes!

The Last Call

my mistake

By the way, when I spoke about kids, I was speaking about taking some tips from them, not following them blindly. By some grace of the Goddess, children always manage to have some form of back up or the other, even when they do not have to plan.

Since the people reading this piece are adults, I assume, they will not make the mistake of taking a risk without something to fall back upon, I hope. Since you are more sensible, make sure to transfer some of it while taking risks and stick to making contingency plans, as far as possible.

In any event, do not forget to take the help of the people who are around you and care for you. Always remember that no matter what, these people will always be there for you to support you, whatever your condition is.

So go-ahead friends, go over to the other side and see the grass instead of always believing others that the grass is not that green on the other side either. Moreover, yes, make sure to grow a patch of green grass around you, just in case!

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