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How to deal with an annoying nanny

deal with an annoying nanny

Having a nanny around when your folks are out of town or gone for some event can lead to various moments which you would surely remember for a lifetime. Coping with a nanny can sometimes be a tedious undertaking, as she would want you to go the bed early and do the tasks, which you hate the most. If you think that your nanny is getting on your nerves, then there are different ways and measures, which you can opt for so that you can deal with them in the best possible manner. With the steps and measures, you can surely deal with your annoying nanny in a hassle free manner.

What you can do to deal with your annoying nanny

Below mentioned are some of the methods, which you can utilize when you want to deal with your annoying nanny.

Have patience and keep your cool: If your nanny is asking you to do some chores, which you do not prefer to do, then keep your calm and patience. At this point of time, you have to maintain and control your anger as it can be taken against you if you lose it.

Listen to what she is staying: Although your nanny is pissing you off and getting on your nerves, it would be better to listen to what she is trying to say. Even though you are not willing to complete the tasks and work which has been assigned to you, do it unwillingly. As your nanny is not staying for a long time, there would be no harm in completing a task. In addition, your parents will also feel good that you have done something positive.

Create a base of understanding: The major reason of having an annoying nanny is the lack of understanding. You can get in some pep talks with them so that you both are able to create a positive bonding with each other.

Have fun: One of the best methods of dealing with an annoying nanny is to indulge in some fun activities. You can take the initiative of playing games outside or board games along with baking some crispy chocolate cookies.

Appreciate the work: If you were willing to deal your annoying nanny, then it would be better if you appreciate their work.

Going for the last resort to deal with your annoying nanny

If you think that the methods which you have adopted to deal your annoying nanny is not working in a proper manner, then the last resort which you can take to deal with them is to report it to your parents. This way, you will never have the same nanny who always shows their tantrums.


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