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Life Is a Secret


Chanakya once said “Never share your secrets with anyone. It will destroy you completely”. Everyone has a secret but that does not imply you share it with anyone and everyone. It has to be shared with your mind and heart only. Secrets are inevitable. They are omnipresent. Sometimes secrets can bring spiritual evolution to understand the real meaning of life and its secrets. Secrets once spoken and let out lose its identity and purpose. It should be wrapped and buried in Deep Ocean of your body. If you cannot keep your secrets then no one can maintain that secret of yours.

Secrets Are Hidden Meanings

There are many secrets in the world which mankind fails to understand. One of them is Life! Life is the deepest secret created by god. It is next to impossible to understand human beings and the secrets associated with life. Secrets are truth which when revealed can cause disaster. But one should try to maintain a balance between secrets and revelations. It is very difficult to lead a life where there are no secrets. Life is not fair always.

When a person is burdened with secrets then he is often seen with some kind of behavior. One has to understand the behavioral pattern and try to change it. You should not ask what the secret is because no one has the right to ask for.

The more burdensome the secret is the more physically and mentally the person gets affected. So you have to see that the secret does not affect your decision making ability. Secrets are because some incidents are so cruel that you don’t want to share it with anyone. This takes a toll on the physical and mental health of the individual.

“Three can keep a secret, if only the two are dead”

 This is true because when you cannot keep your secret then do not expect others to do it for you. Secrets are necessary to be successful. The only secret to be successful is being enthusiastic. Only then you can achieve success. There are secrets not only businesses but also in personal life. In a family there are members which make it complete so it is practically not possible to reveal each other’s secret to everyone.

If you desire to tell your secret to wind then it is for sure that the winds are going to tell the trees. It means that if you tell you’re secret to one then it like grapevine which is going to spread. Secret is a matter of time and with time only you can know someone’s secret.

The only way to tell a secret is tell a lie to someone and tell him to keep it as a secret if he does not reveal it then one can tell the secret. Secrets should like treat like things which we give to others to keep it.

If You Want To Keep a Secret Then You Can Tell It to a Child

 It is so true that only a child can keep a secret. So next time if you wish to keep a secret then tell it to a child. There is no one without a secret. If a husband has no secret to share with him life then he must be having no secrets or either no wife.

Secrets are easy to develop but to keep in ones heart is very difficult. Acting is the only way one can hide secrets. There are various jokes on secrets which have created humor about secrets and the only audience who is targeted is women. “It is said that the only secret that women can keep is their age”.

Secrets are indispensible part of a man’s life. Man just keeps on piling secrets upon secrets. Personal life is all about not answering life’s secrets. Thus the secrets are so difficult to understand that even experts cannot locate it. There are all varieties of medicines which can cure almost everything but there are no medicines available to reveal secrets.

Life is a secret which has many pages it is time which can open these secrets. Secrets are in life, actions, business, as well as personal life. “Look within the secret is inside you”

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