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Managing abusive relationships


A relationship is a very fundamental basis of living. It is pure and wonderful. You understand each other and each other’s need in a relationship. Love is something which is very precious and subtle for of everything. Not just love relations but every relationship has to have some respect in it. Every individual experiences this feeling at least once in his life. Loving someone without and special reason and selflessly is something which not everyone can do. When in a relation, compromises and adjustments become a part of your life. When two individuals start staying together not everything happens according to their needs and will. There are certain things that your partner may like differently from the way you do. We have to understand them and work up according to that to strengthen your relationship. Things like ego and selfishness cause a lot of trouble in a relationship. These things stir the relations and the base of your relation and trust badly. Taking your partner for granted is one thing that makes most relations suffered.

Types of abuses

When a girl is married to a guy she believes in him completely and trusts the fact that her man will always take care of her and protect her from all the evil things happening in the parallel world. But what happens when this true trust she has breaks? She feels lost and glum. When her own man abuses her and torments her to infinity she loses faith in everything. Abuses in a relation can be in multiple forms. There can be physical abuses, mental abuses, and verbal abuses too. This is not all they can be of various types and can go on and on. A woman is not a man’s personal property to treat her the way he wants. He should understand that the girl is a human being and has feeling and senses too. You cannot just play her as a toy and treat her like a doll. Physical abuses include hitting and torturing the person physically. This may also include sexual abuse by your own partner. Then there is mental abuse. This type doesn’t seem like an abuse but only the person who goes through it knows what it feels like. Verbal abuses can be public. They can be anywhere anyhow.

Fight for yourself

There is a saying that the person who bares injustice is more at fault than the one who does injustice to someone. Ignoring and neglecting things causes the person to be more confident about his wrong doings and then he becomes unstoppable. There is also a need to understand whether the person is mentally sick and which is why he does this. The best solution to this is to get away from such a partner is what everyone would always suggest. But running away and ending things don’t always work. You sometimes have to keep your cool and try to get a better solution that detaching. Talking is the first step to get to any conclusion. You must talk to your partner and solve your differences. You need to know the reason behind this behavior. If it is genuine enough your next step will be to get solutions to those questions and problems of your partner so that it doesn’t have an effect on the health of your relationship. Office problems, frustrations and other irritations can cause this kind of behavior. You can keep your partner calm and take care that he doesn’t react to quick. Also things or topics that cause him to be hyper can be avoided.

Try to figure out the psyche of your partner

All these things can be done and taken care of if the partner is sane and has no mental defects because of which he might be behaving this way. But what if there is some mental disorder due to which this behavior is observed? You need to be very careful with this behavior. It grows gradually. You never know what might happen. You need to consult a psychiatrist and go for counseling sessions. You need to talk to someone you trust so that you get some help with solving this problem. Your partner might need help too. In case of emergency you should also know a place of rescue where in you must be sure that you will be safe and no harm can be caused to you. Physical abuses can turn life threatening at times. When your partner needs medical mental help and that is the reason for the abuse then you ought to be very careful of your steps. Avoid being alone or isolation with your partner. This way he will think before reacting in a violent manner. Also even if he does that, there are people around to take care of you and not letting you be hurt.

Take assistance

Most of the times, verbal and mental abuses are a result of ill mental health. The person abusing gets some kind of pleasure in showing his partner low. This is sick behavior and has to be treated. Psychological help is always recommended for such kind of behavior. They can start of anywhere anytime. It doesn’t show in early stages. You also neglect things at first which results in the increase of such behavior. Then as it gradually increases there are times your partner may abuse you in public places, some parties, get-togethers and any place which is important to you. Insulting you in significant places or in front of people whom you know or may not know also happens. Most of the times what they say hardly relate to anything or mean anything but they insult you bad with either verbal abuse or mental abuse. This further grows into physical abuse as well. So you must always get a grip from the first instance.

Finally when you have tried every possible thing and cannot get this any better, the only option left with you is to give up on your partner and lead a solo life. Yes it will be very difficult, but such is life dearies.

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