How to deal with jealousy, insecurity and low self-esteem

Jealousy, insecurity and low self esteem are three major factors that decide our level of happiness, the lower they are, the happier we become. The following are a few ways to deal with these problems.

Analyze yourself

When you think you are suffering from any of these problems, try to analyze yourself properly. Correct diagnosis of the problem will allow you to find the correct cure. Learn about yourself and your behavior, and judge yourself in an unbiased manner. If necessary, try to take help of your friends, ask them if they have noticed any sudden change in your behavior. Always be open to criticism and do not get annoyed by it, as it will only help you become a better person.

Believe in yourself

Having a low self esteem is one of the worst problems that a person could have in their professional life. It will render them incapable to be able to work efficiently or be happy about their life. One should never look down upon themselves, no matter how much they are criticized or ridiculed. Always believe that there is way out of all your problems. Keep faith in yourself that you can turn things around if you make a real effort. If you are unable to respect yourself, it would be very unrealistic of you to expect others to respect you. Be confident in whatever you do, making mistakes is not as bad as not attempting at all.

Have faith, be patient

One generally tends to get jealous of their partner or colleague when they stop trusting them or become impatient. They tend to nag them and this makes them even more secretive. Allow your partner or friend to be open with you. Do not try to find problems in everything they say or do. This will make them annoyed and they will start avoiding you further. Give them the confidence that you will not be unreasonable. This will make them more open to you and help reduce your jealousy. Do not rush into actions or jump into conclusions because of your jealousy, else your relationship will continue to turn sour.

Be mature

The main cause behind our insecurities is our short sightedness and immaturity at times. We tend to overlook the positive aspects of a relationship and only focus on the negative points. Whenever you start feeling insecure about your relationship, try to talk to your partner about it. Face to face conversations are the simplest way to put an end to insecurities and will bring you closer to your partner. Be careful not to use accusatory tone which may fuel their anger or annoy them. Be mature and polite and always remember to give your partner their space.

Focus on your own life

Pay attention to yourself rather than peeking into other people’s lives. You must learn how to be happy in your own life without interfering or depending on anybody else’s life. If you are occupied and busy in your own life, there is no way that you will feel jealous or insecure about anything, because you won’t have the time to think about these things. Having a good social life is always important in having a high self esteem, hence you must not be a loner.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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