How to deal with gossips

Many of us have experienced being the subject of gossip at some stage of our lives and know that it can have very adverse effect on us. The following are a few simple ways to deal with gossip.

Direct approach

The best way to finish the problem is to rip it away by its roots. Try to locate the source from where the gossip about you has emerged and when you find it out, counter it. Do not be intimidated or fear persecution, if you are right then you must stand up for it. Directly talking to the person who is spreading malicious rumors about you. Do not be over aggressive or react too badly, just talk to the person politely and tell them that this slandering is hurtful to you. Gently request them to avoid doing such things in future.

Never befriend a gossiper

If you indulge in gossiping with a person, who is a habitual gossiper, you present yourself as a very soft target for his gossips. What goes around, comes around, you must realize that the moment this person runs out of preys, he will start gossiping about you. He might even blame you for the gossiping when confronted by someone because you are with him all the time. Do not encourage gossiping about anybody and do not share your feelings with everybody, especially to a gossiper. Always stay interested in your own life only and do not pay attention to gossipers.


Another way of dealing with a gossip, if you don’t want to create a scene, is to ignore it. Do not take it too personally because you know that it is not true, and go on about your life normally. Share it with your close friends and let them know that whatever they heard about you is not credible. When people ask you questions related to the gossip, take it calmly and treat the whole thing as a joke. If you can just laugh it off, the gossiper will feel that it’s no use gossiping about you because you are so unaffected by it. They will start looking for some other prey and leave you alone.

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