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How to deal with intimidation

Intimidation is one of the worst behaviors

Intimidation is one of the worst behaviors that make people become uncomfortable at all situations. Expressing one’s decision by powerful means and making others bound to it is highly intolerable for any normal human being. If you are facing intimidating people in your daily life, here are a few tips and techniques to deal them at ease.

Know the limits

There is only a thin line of gap between intimidation and harassment. You must know to differentiate between harassing and intimidating people. Bullying is also a kind of intimidation; however, it doesn’t uses power or authority to control others. Harassment is a serious issue that could affect people both physically as well as mentally. In order to become aware of others’ intentions, analyze their attitude carefully. If they feel happy every time whenever they try to control you, indubitably, it’s their intimidating behavior. At some instances, your boss or your higher officials may seem intimidating, but, in reality, they might have explained your weaknesses to make your improve yourselves. Only if you are aware of their true intentions, you can guess whether they are intimidating you or not. One of the best ways to find it is by thinking from their point of views. Set their limits first; if intimidating people cross them, it’s time to plunge into action.

Approach the intimidating people

Once you have analyzed the intimidating people’s inappropriate behavior, it’s time to approach them. Don’t hesitate to open up your views to them. But, be polite and have a cool attitude whenever you initiate a discussion with them. Sometimes, those people might not be aware of their vague behavior. If they realize it through your views, they might apologize you immediately. If they don’t accept their mistakes, don’t argue with them. In order to make those intimidating people value your views, maintain a crisp and clear tone when you speak. Express your points boldly and confidently. This initial step is quite important because, sometimes, you may misunderstand caring people as intimidating.

Focus on your work

Intimidation is a troubling issue for those people who take it seriously. Instead of worrying yourselves by thinking about intimidating people, focus your attention on your goals. It will help you relax yourselves and let you find the path to your destination in life. Initially, it might be quite difficult to simply divert your attention when you are surrounded by intimidating people. However, if you learn to ignore them and focus acutely on your goals in a full-fledged manner, nobody can prevent you from reaching your destination. Ignorance is one the best methods to deal with intimidating people. When they become unnoticed in a particular group, obviously, they will turn up elsewhere leaving you trouble free. Even if you can’t prevent yourselves from listening to them, just pretend to be so.

Have a positive attitude

Every task involves the good and bad about it. People who think more about the bad will attract negative effects. On the other hand, people with positive attitude attracts positive consequences. Though different people face the same problem, some people overcome it while some others don’t. The power of positivity and negativity are equal and prodigious. Positive thoughts impart favorable circumstances while negative thoughts work in the opposite way. When you face intimidating people, try to find the good traits in them. As every human being is unique and different, he/she must possess both positive and negative qualities in him/her. Uncovering at least one positive quality in them is not going to be a tougher task. Appreciate the intimidating people for their positive qualities. As a result, positivity breeds generous and flattering outcomes.

Forgive and forget

You might have faced intolerable situations in life due to the actions of intimidating people. You might have underwent heavy losses in terms of health, freedom and wealth. However, there is only one solution to solve the problems of the past. It’s forgiveness. Generally, people don’t estimate the value of forgiveness as a beneficial quality. On one hand, by forgiving, you won’t create troubles to the person who intimidates you. On the other hand, you won’t trouble yourselves by thinking how the person has intimidated you in the past. That’s why intellectual people regard forgiveness as a divine virtue. Cultivate the quality of forgiveness not for the benefit of others, but for yourselves. As time goes by, you will forget the unfavorable circumstances of your past. Take sufficient time to practice these techniques in your routine life and have a blissful life.

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