How to deal with insurance adjusters

According to most of the people, dealing with an insurance adjuster can be an overwhelming experience. Read below to learn some successful ways of dealing with an insurance adjuster and receiving the money you actually deserve.

Be polite with the adjuster

While dealing with the adjuster, you need to be polite, but firm. Most of the insurance adjusters are very sweet and pleasant. Do not get carried away by their sweet words. It is their duty to remain good while negotiating. Do not be harsh to them, but stick to your claims and convince them to give you a fair amount of money. Your first impression on the adjuster is very important. If you are well-mannered, the adjuster might feel good about you and settle your claim with good money. However, if he becomes annoyed or upset, he can make it difficult for you to get the money. So, be patient and keep your cool. Give him a fair reason about why he should pay you a certain amount of money. If he is well satisfied, you will certainly get your money.

Be well-prepared with your information and documents

As soon as you claim the money for your damage, the insurance adjuster will communicate with you and ask for all types of information. Be well-prepared to answer all their questions confidently. You need to know your claim number, date of your accident, name and phone number of the adjuster and his supervisor. If you have suffered certain injuries, be particular to collect all your medical reports as well as bills. It is the work of the adjuster to negotiate and relate your injuries to your medical histories. In such a case, medical reports can stand as a proof for all your injuries suffered due to the accident. Be sure to ask your doctor to mention all the details about your injuries as well as the severity of the pain. Once you do this, the adjuster will get an idea that you are serious about your claims and need a fair settlement.

Check the time of the day

Most insurance adjusters are very clever and they will generally call you up at odd times of the day. They do this because they want you to settle everything in a hurry. For example, they can call you in the morning just when you are about to leave for the office. In a hurry, it will be easy for them to manipulate the facts. However, you need to be smart enough while dealing with them. Do not settle any claim in a hurry or under pressure. Take time, think and then agree to their offer. You can even turn this situation the other way round and call the adjusters just before they are about to leave for the day. Obviously, they will be in a hurry and will want to settle your claim as soon as possible. Now is the time when you can place your offers and ask them to decide in a hurry. Most probably, they will agree to your offers and you will be able to claim a good amount of money.

Do not accept other forms of money

Many adjusters come up with offers where they do not want to pay the money, but settle it in turn by offering you a vacation, an iPod, a Play Station or something of that sort. Many people get carried away by these types of offers and agree to settle for things other than money. However, you should never accept such offers. You and your car met with an accident and suffered a total loss. You need to pay your medical bills and also get your car repaired. An iPod or a vacation to a certain place will not be of any use. You need the actual money to recover your loss. Therefore, politely clarify that you do not want to settle the claim with anything other than money.

Hire a lawyer

If your persuasion has been of no use and the adjuster is simply not agreeing to pay you the required sum of money, your last resort is to hire a lawyer. A lawyer has the experience of negotiating with many such adjusters and he will surely help you in getting what you deserve. Moreover, insurance adjusters generally do not want to drag the whole case in the court and often agree to pay a fair amount of money. Of course, you also need to pay the lawyer’s fees but once your claim is settled and you receive the money from the insurance company, you will be in a good position to afford the fees of the lawyer.

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