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How to deal with infatuation

difference between love, infatuation and lust

Infatuations have the ability to bring our lives to standstill and make us emotionally unstable. Infatuation is all about a foolish, unreasoning, extravagant passion / attraction. There is difference between love, infatuation and lust. Following are a few ways by which we can overcome on infatuation.

Give yourself time

You must give yourself some time to understand the magnitude and intensity of your feelings for a particular person that you think you are infatuated with. Do not rush into action without thinking about the consequences that will follow. Stay calm and keep your mind in control; do not allow it to ponder over your infatuation all the time. Do not try to keep bumping into them wherever they go just to give you that momentary feeling of joy. You will also end up annoying the person you like by this foolish activity and ruin your chances of being liked by them. Wait for the right moment, till then just try to be sure of your feelings about them because once you have expressed your feelings, you can’t turn back.

Express your feelings

Once you have given yourself some time and decided that you are indeed infatuated with them, approach them politely. The simplest and easiest way to put an end to your misery is by getting to know them better and expressing your feeling to them. It may so happen that once you know them completely, you might start feeling less obsessed with them. Always be open to all possibilities, they might comply your request and share your affection or they may choose to stay away. Be prepared for both the possibilities and accept defeat when it comes your way. Facing rejections is a part of life; try to get rid of your infatuation and start fresh.

Distract yourself, move on

Realize that you have a life beyond it too, and that the rejection does not mean the end of your life. Always keep yourself busy to avoid brooding over you infatuation; allow your mind to wander away from it. Go out with your friends or start a new activity that you have never tried to keep yourself immersed. If you are spending sleepless nights, it would be wise to participate in some outdoor activities which will tire you down and help you sleep peacefully. Don’t confine yourself to your house; avoid going to places where you might have to face the person, but be outgoing and social. There is always a chance that you might catch a new infatuation to make you forget the old one. This is how life goes; accept it and move on taking a lesson from this event.


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