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Guide for Guys to Impress Her on The Very First Date

Impress Her on The Very First Date

Sometimes even the smallest gesture can impress a woman, while the other times a whole lot of preparations cannot do. Women really are complicated and it is a task to impress them. This is what many boys and men think, don’t you? The first date is very crucial, as most women do not wait for the next date but decide on the very first date whether the man is worthy to date or not. Therefore, you have to be impressive enough on your first date and following are some tips that can help you impress her the very first time itself:

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How to Dress For Your Date?

As tricky as first date dressing is for girls, it is also tricky for boys. For, they are the ones who usually have asked the girl out and there is a lot of pressure on them to impress the girl. Often under pressure, these boys make a fool of themselves and end up looking like a total disaster. However, more often than not, the guy knows where they are going and hence, it would be a nice idea to dress to the occasion. Here are a few tips that will help you put your act together.

1. Dress for the Occasion

It is important to dress for the occasion. It is not a nice idea to go to a rock concert in an Armani suit. Out here, you have no choice but to wear jeans and a tee. However, if you are taking your girls to a five-star hotel then, it is best to wear that Armani that you have been saving for a very long time. As for women, if you don’t have the right formal dress for such an occasion, you don’t need to break your savings to get one. You may rent evening dresses online at a very reasonable price.

2. Keep it Casual

As much as this works reverse for the girls, it is best for a guy to keep it casual. For, casuals neither say you are interested or disinterested and are the best way out to keep your partner on their toes. Thus, make sure your casuals are albeit new and not a crumpled old T-shirt and tattered jeans. Casual yet decent is the best look a guy could do for a first date.

3. A Jeans and a Kurti

Guys look ultra amazing in traditional dresses. So wearing a kurta over jeans does wonders to a guy’s personality. Without a doubt, your date is going to be bedazzled by your personality. However, do not wear that thingy to a rock concert because then you will look like a geek.

4. Hair Styles

This is a major dilemma. Making it too neat will make it look like you are too good a boy. Making it too stylish will make you look like you are extremely flamboyant. Hence, it is necessary it to play safe. Keep it somewhere in the middle of neat and messy.



Where Can You Take Her?

It is not easy to go out on a first date with anyone. However, the most difficult part is planning the first date. It is an extremely difficult thing to do. Here are a few tips that will help you get through

1. A Quiet Dinner

It might be the most unconventional method of dating; it is also one of the best and the most comfortable. What is a better way of knowing a person than over a few drinks at dinner? A long flowing conversation is going to give you an insight into the kind of person that you are dating and you are going to have a gala time with that person.

2. A Rock Concert

A rock concert is one of the best places to go to with your date. A little rocking to the music and then a quiet walk or dinner will make you guys cozy up to each other.

3. A Walk on the Beach

This is one of the best ways and the best places to go on a date. The beach sets in a romantic mood and you can then relax and have a great conversation with each other which will help you get to know each other better. It will also help you decide whether or not the person in question is worth a second hang out or not.

4. A Small Trek

A trek is the best way to know a person. You can in no circumstance retain makeup or hairstyle in an environment like that. You are bound to get a real eye-view of the person. It is indeed the best ever thing to do on a first date.

5. Meet at a Cafe

A cafe is a casual place to start a conversation and relax with each other. It is a very informal setting and hence, it is the best place where 2 people can chat and get to know each other.

At the end of it all, no matter where you meet, if sparks are meant to fly they will, and if it is meant to fizzle out, it will. Hence, don’t bother about the place and go out where you need to and where you feel most comfortable. You are bound to have some good time with your date even if you don’t like them only if you chose a comfortable setting where you don’t feel out of place.


How to Impress Her on the First Date

Your first date is as crucial as an interview you face to get a job as if you score well on your first date, it could lead to many more in the future and probably you end up having a lifelong relationship with her. Thus, this is where you have to play very cautiously so that you can have your date for the rest of your life if that is how you like it. Let your date know that you are the best and not seeing you again isn’t going to be very nice. All this means you are supposed to score well on your first date and here is how you can do that:

1. Look in her eyes, nowhere else

Some men just cannot help their wandering eye, as they feel tempted to check out a beautiful girl from head to toe. If it is your first date, no matter how beautiful and chic the girl is, you have to control your wandering eye and have to fix it on her eyes and nowhere else. Just imagine that if she catches you looking at her chest or legs, it would not be in your good interest at all

2. Be on time

Nobody likes to wait, and if it is the first date then by no means you can be late. This is the first thing that can be a turn off for her, whom you are trying to impress. Make sure you reach the venue before her, if not hen together, but not late in any case.

3. IQ

No, you don’t have to sound like Einstein but being aware of what is happening in the world around you is a good idea. Hence, read up the news and make yourself aware of everything that is happening around you. So, that you don’t come across dumb if someone says something about current affairs. Therefore, it is best to keep abreast of everything that is happening around you. This is going to leave your date stumped and you have definitely earned yourself a second date and maybe, many more to come. Yes, it is a charming thing to be beautiful, intelligent, and sexy.

4. Flirt a Little

At the end of it all, it is a date and you cannot end the date without a little flirting. You need to let the other person know that you are interested. Obviously, the only way you can do this is by flirting with them a little. Don’t go overboard on this one and sound and look desperate. However, drop enough hints for the other person to figure out that you are indeed ready to come with them on another date.

5. Keep it simple and precise

On a first date, both people are strangers to each other or they know little about each other, which clearly means it can be uncomfortable for both to spend a long date together. The first date should always be short and sweet so that none of the two feels uncomfortable and has to pretend for a long. Meet over a coffee, or have lunch together.

6. Avoid questions that make your date feel like an interview

As earlier mentioned, a first date is as crucial as a job interview but this does not mean one should behave like an interviewer at it. You should refrain from asking too obvious questions that can make your partner feel like he or she has come to give an interview. The first date is a means to get to know each other but expecting to know about the entire family and status in a day is wrong.

7. Avoid intense arguments

Some people, especially men have the habit of expressing their knowledge over usual heated issues related to the economy, society, caste, or religion but for god’ sake, do not start any such conversation on your first date. The girl has not come nicely dressed to know all this, so steer away from such heated conversations.

8. Talk, but only sense

Nobody likes to date a super shy personality who does not talk only, so do talk. However, whatever you talk must be all sense and be very careful how you portray yourself in front of your date. Talking about others in an insulting manner, do not behave properly with people around, or talking bad about your ex are some signs that can straight away snatch your chance of seeing your first date over and over again in life, in fact, she will never turn up again.

9. A positive conversation tone

On a first date, two people meet to decide whether they want to take things ahead or not. Both disclose some things about them so that they both get some depth into each other’s character that comes handy while deciding to stick on or to move on.

10. Etiquettes

Women like courteous men. If you go to pick her up in the car, open the door for her. Pull out a chair for her at the restaurant, and do not forget to arrange for her return as well. Be courteous enough to pay the bill, even if she forces you stick to your paying the bill.

11. Ask her questions

On a first date, two people meet to know things about each other. You should tell her about you but mind you, you should not be only telling her about you but also asking her ample questions about her. She should get a feeling that you are interested to know her, who she is, her interests, whereabouts, personality, and multifarious things. On the other hand, if you will only telling and flaunting about yourself, she will not be interested for sure.

12. Do not ignore her but your phone

One of the biggest turns off for your date, especially when it your first date, are you taking calls and reading messages while she is talking to you. There can be no other hurting and annoying way to show her that you are ignoring her. You should ignore your cell phone and should try to give her your undivided attention.

13. Be confident

Women like confident men who can put across their thoughts and opinions in a most convincing way, rather than the ones who start shivering just because they have to start a conversation with a woman. This does not mean you have to be over-prepared or pretentious, but you have to be natural and spontaneous.

14. A perfect mix of polite and mature

Be mature in your talks and behavior so that the woman never gets a feeling that you are unsuitable because you are not mature enough. This again does not mean that you have to be formal with her but your thoughts should be mature and do not forget being polite with her, and the people around.



First dates are a deciding factor as to whether the girl is worth dating or not. You need not be pretentious but certainly natural and spontaneous. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have a good time trying to impress the other person.

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