Flirting without actually making contact!

Flirting without actually making contact

A girl asking a man out raises quite a few eyebrows in our society. Women too avoid it as they don’t want rejection and there is this fear of becoming a laughing stock. But that does not mean you miss out on a potential date. Here are a few ways of flirting without human contact.

Rock it up at the party

Parties are one of the best places where you can find your potential date. You can be a little innovative here. If you are accompanying your friend to a party and find the host hot then just ignore him but then sneak into his bedroom and drop a personal item like your lip gloss or any other personal item with your number is written on it. You want you can just add a naughty little tag line as well.

Hottie at the Bar

The Bar is one more place where you can meet potential dates and you have a good chance to flirt here. Just make the conventional eye contact at the person you are hitting out and ask the bartender to take him a drink with your name and number on a piece of tissue paper after you have left. Then just wait and hope for the best. You can also take a selfie in such a way that your hottie  is in the background and then put it on Instagram with location tag and add  a line like “ Atmosphere at the bar was super hot”

Any app is a dating app

Yes this is true you can use almost any app as a dating app. For example, use a carpool where you can meet up a hot guy and flaunt a cute smile and check if he uses the same car pool everyday or was it just a lucky day for you today. He is surely gonna get the signals.

Use the social media weapon

Using the social media to get to know some of the hottest guys is not new what you need here is to be a little smart in putting across to your potential date that you are interested. One of the ways is to do it with symbols. Like put a thumping heart for his pics where he is flaunting his biceps or if he has a put a selfie with his new super cool sports bike then put a comment like “who is hotter can’t judge by just seeing the pic.

As you can see there are plenty of ways of flirting with the guy you like without actually making human contact. You can either be subtle or aggressive depending on what suits your style.

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