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The little mistakes that scare girls off on your dates

scare girls off on your dates

The first few dates are very crucial to laying the foundation of a relationship. However, right after the first date many men tend to face rejection and it can be bewildering not knowing the reason for the same. We bring you a few dating tips and ideas on what scares girls off.

Ways guys scare girls off

  • Being fake – If you are not being yourself and pretending to be someone else to impress her, girls notice it and it’s a huge turn-off. She agreed to a date with you because she liked you and is not your idea of what should be cool.
  • Showing off their badtemper – treating the waiting staff with arrogance, not holding the door for her or throwing tantrums or being to specific can turn anyone off. A date is seen as a way to relax and get to know another person and everyone appreciated pleasant company.
  • Talking about yourself – Yes, you want her to know you and like you, but this is not an interview and she does not need personal information spelled out to her. A little mystery keeps the intrigue alive and also when you speak about things, besides yourself it gives her a glimpse of your personality and makes her curious.
  • Talking about other dates – Talking about your past relationships, other dates you had and bashing your ex is a downer. Don’t start a fresh relationship on a negative note.

How to not scare a girl away

  • Keep it casual and slow down on intimacy – Compliments are nice, but keep them casual, a remark about her dress or a plain she’s looking nice is enough. Also, avoid intimate talks about family, past relationships, weird friends as it may appear as if you are unloading your personal information on her. There must be time and occasion for such conversations.
  • Keeping it too casual – May be you don’t dress formal, but dressing casually and yet looking presentable is essential, being well-dressed lets her know that you put some thought into your appearance. It sends the signal that you want to impress and took special care.
  • Gifts and flowers – it is a bit premature to turn up with gifts and flowers in the first few dates. These are over-the-top gestures especially if they are extravagant. A simple gift after the first few dates, will be thoughtful, anything pricey will scare her off.
  • Asking too much – Yes, the conversation should be about her, but not so much that it may appear you are intruding or being invasive. Avoid asking too many personal questions.

Girls like their space and like to know that the man is responsible, has a sense of humour and respects them. Showing courtesy and keeping the conversation lively shows them that you are trying to make the date a memorable experience for them.

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