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Signs the woman you’re dating definitely has game


For some women dating is a game, she knows the ropes and has all the moves to impress. Often, they are just natural players who are unaware of their talents, but you even come across those who know their moves well. Here are a few signs the woman you are dating definitely has game.

She does not chase, she reciprocates

She doesn’t pursue you in the obvious manner, but reciprocates your gestures. So, don’t expect an immediate or delayed response from her to your texts, or if you get her answering machine, she’ll call you back on time. She is confident about herself and about her relationship status with you, so she won’t rush things.

There is space for other relationships

She is dating you doesn’t mean she will spare all her free time exclusively for you. She has time for her friends, her family and other activities that she likes to pursue. A woman with game does not cling to her man, she has her own identity and place in the relationship and she makes you aware of it by being herself and maintaining her space.

She knows where the relationship is headed

A woman who has game always knows where the relationship is headed, and steers the course most often. She has clarity of what she wants from the relationship, whether she wants to take it to the next level or keep it casual and then move on. She will never tell you that she loves you unless she means it and knows what she’s getting into.

There’s always some mystery

A woman with game never reveals all; she is like a flower with multiple layers that she will peel at her own time and pace.  She maintains a barrier that keeps the man guessing and interested. It is a quality that makes her both desirable and attractive.

She’s self-confident and strong

A woman who knows her game always maintains her self-respect and will not bend over backwards to please any man. She is strong, independent and believes in commanding respect and not demanding it. If she doesn’t find respect in a relationship, she’ll walk out with much grace and little thought.

A woman with game is a challenge to win and to keep. She needs to be constantly excited and you have to admire her for qualities that truly define her, because honesty is a value she really appreciates.

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