How to Deal with Workplace Discussions on National Politics

Workplace Discussions on National Politics

It is said that you can find out a lot about a man if you know from where he comes. Nationality, these days, is something much more than just the name of a country glued to yours. It has diverse roles to play in the development of feature, culture and behaviour of an individual through direct or indirect action. One individual might differ from the rest of the inhabitants of his country and resemble the people of another country. But the tag of a nation is always endorsed in whatever they do and wherever they go. Judging people on the basis of his or her nationality, however wrong it might seem to be, has been in practice for a long time and is still active.

If you are also dealing with such kind of gossip and discussions at your work place, then there are some quick tips to deal with them without getting your hands dirty.

Gossip is important

Yes, you read it right! Gossip is really very important. No matter how useless it sounds to you, it holds a great deal of substance. The chattering not only helps people to form an opinion about you but also allows them to make you blurt out things you wouldn’t normally say. It might go an extra step ahead easily if the venue happens to be your workplace. Remember, while being in the surroundings of your office or with work mates, it is important to be yourself but equally significant is it to act in a controlled manner so that no one can get an insight of you. It might get in the your way of success since being extra open to the people you tend to work with might not gel well with the image and respect you need to carry forth.

Keep it safe

Discussions with cohorts should be about lightly grazing the topics. Do not get personal with others and never take things personally. Keeping the discussion neutral and not bringing in the personalised factors is a wise step in itself.  Being present there by putting in some non harmful opinions of your own which are strong but not rigid would help to keep the discussion alive and make you feel better and closer to your colleagues. Setting up a comfort level and manageable office chemistry is always a perk at work. Shifting sides based on the majority or the designation is also an old but obnoxious sort of workplace behaviour. Stand up for yourself and stand alone. It might not provide you with the courage you need and the admirers you want but to stand for someone without giving it any thought will surely overrule a thing called individuality and that would make you look as if you have no opinion of your own.

Let the discussion be discussion

While discussing certain topics, especially in the work front, keep in mind that there exists a separate world out of these discussions too. Proving your point to someone who possesses an altogether different notion might not bear you much fruit. You do not live to change others’ opinions. So let them have their own beliefs. Their views might seem wrong to you but remember yours might be the same for them. Even if the other person is terribly wrong, help him see the other way round but do not force him. When the other person stops buying your words, stop selling them as the residue will earn you nothing except a bad name which is no less than a void in the path to success.

Nationality is a characteristic, not a character

However nasty the situation might turn into, your nationality is your characteristic in some way or the other. It was the nation which gave birth to your parents, their ancestors and hence, the entire culture you have been brought up with. It has some unforgettable memories, if not for you then for the people you love. No matter whatever the country’s past or public image, you should feel proud to be a part of the land. There are a few characteristics always inherited from the soil you are crafted from and you need to be happy in accepting them without overlooking the fact that there might be some similar trait within you. However, a country name is not what defines you. There is a lot more to it and you should let others know that, not just by saying but by your actions.

Thus, all in all, we can say that discussions at the work place might make as well as break you by giving fuel to the thoughts and feelings of unrest within you. These opinions, especially when on topics like nationality, can get nasty and it is always better to be a silent observer which would help you to have an involvement as well as a sense of dignity. Keeping the emotional aspects aside and making it sound professional is the key to shape up such opinions. But if things tend to get out of hand, never tolerate it and respectfully opt out rather than letting your rage get the better of you.

A little more patience and peace with yourself would make the discussions look pretty good and, at the same time, keep all the harmful things far apart so that they would not be capable of hurting you. In order to change the opinions of those against you, let your work speak more than your words. Remember, it is your calibre only which brought you this far. So let the haters hate you even more while seeing you succeed

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